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15 Dazzling Nail Paints To Try This Diwali - All Under Rs 100!

15 Dazzling Nail Paints To Try This Diwali - All Under Rs 100!

This Diwali, let your nails do the talking. We’ve picked 15 festive shades that will not only complement your lovely outfits, but will also make you stand out in the most fashionable way possible. The best part is that they’re all 100 bucks and below! Hurry up and find your perfect affordable nail paint today! 

1. Maybelline Color Show Nail Enamel - Bold Gold

1 affordable nail paints You can never go wrong with a golden nail coat. It’s classy and fits perfectly with the theme of the festival. Dazzle away, we say!
Price: Rs 93. Buy it here.

2. Temper Nail Enamel - Orange

2 affordable nail paints It’s bright, it’s vibrant and is such an energetic hue! You’re going to bring smiles on people’s faces with this nail polish. You go, girl! Price: Rs 30. Buy it here.

3. Lakme True Wear Nail Color - SS 1

3 affordable nail paints Perfect for wearing to all those card parties and Diwali get-togethers. This shimmery shade is majestic and makes a bold statement for sure. Price: Rs 83. Buy it here.

4. Stay Quirky Nail Polish - Yellow Passion Fruit

4 affordable nail paints For a fun and loving girl like yourself, this bright yellow shade is perfect. A total mood lifter and such a happy colour, this one will go so well with all your bright traditional clothes! Spread good vibes wherever you go with this baby. Price: Rs 68. Buy it here.

5. Stay Quirky Nail Polish Sand Effect Carving The Roast 882

5 affordable nail paints If you’re attending a night function, apply a coat of this sparkly royal blue nail polish and rest assured that all eyes will be on you. Flaunt and wave like a diva. *Wink* Price: Rs 100. Buy it here.

6. Elle18 - Nail Pops 24

6 affordable nail paints This bright, deep pink shade is for the woman who fancies making her presence felt wherever she goes. It gives her outfit and personality a bold, confident and sophisticated touch.
Price: Rs 50. Buy it here.

7. YLG Nails 365 - Sweet Caroline

7 affordable nail paints No matter what colour your outfit is, this nail polish will complement it in the most graceful fashion. It’s neither too loud nor too subtle. It’s perfect! Price: Rs 89. Buy it here.

8. Anna Andre Nail Enamel - Burnt Copper

8 affordable nail paints Pick it up before it runs out of stock! Copper is a rare shade and it has a hint of mystery to it. This lovely reddish-copper has stolen our hearts! Price: Rs 71. Buy it here.

9. Elle 18 - Shade 95

9 affordable nail paints As a festive shade, silver brings out the best in any traditional attire. To make your nails stand out even more, pick a dark outfit without any prints. You’re welcome. Price: Rs 50. Buy it here.

10. Gala Of London Nail Polish S Series - S19

10 affordable nail paints It’s a cool colour for a cool girl. After you apply this shade on your nails, apply a single coat of transparent nail polish. It will give your nails a glossy finish and prevent your blue nail polish from getting chipped. Price: Rs 55. Buy it here.

11. Lakme True Wear Nail Color - Shade 501

11 affordable nail paints If there’s a certain guy’s attention you want to catch this shaadi season, this shade will help you with that! There’s something about red that makes you feel instantly confident and sexy. Don’t you agree?
Price: Rs 100. Buy it here.

12. Streetwear Color Rich Nail Enamel - Espresso Date

12 affordable nail paints This shade is sparkly and fantastic. It will charm your guests and look lovely with whatever you wear. Go WOW them all! Price: Rs 58. Buy it here.

13. Stay Quirky Nail Polish - Brown Polish Me Warm 772

13 affordable nail paints We love this nail polish because it’s not a dull brown shade. It has glitter in it! It will give your delicate pink nails a shimmery brown finish. Price: Rs 88. Buy it here.

14. Faces Splash Nail Enamel - Sparkles 13

14 affordable nail paints Shine bright like a diamond with this really cool nail paint. It’s long-lasting and chip resistant. This shade will make you feel like a million bucks. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the attention. Price: Rs 93. Buy it here.

15. Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer - Cinderella Pink

15 affordable nail paints We can’t complete this list without adding light pink shade, of course! It a nice, warm pink that gives off feminine vibes. Ahh, we think we are in love with this dreamy shade. Price: Rs 90. Buy it here. We hope that you’ve found your favourite festive shade by now! Do tell us which one you loved the most. *Wink*
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Published on Oct 20, 2016
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