8 Genius Tips For Buying The Perfect Shoes For Your Shaadi!

8 Genius Tips For Buying The Perfect Shoes For Your Shaadi!
Whether you’re one of those who really fusses over shoes or not, for your wedding pair, you have no choice but to pick the best. And we’re not just talking about the looks here. There’s so much more that goes into finding that perfect pair of footwear… So many things to consider. Here’s our guide to finding a pair that doesn’t tire you out and looks gorgeous too!

1. Comfort and quality

Spending thousands on your lehenga and cutting back on the shoes? Naah, don’t do that! With footwear it is the quality that ranks above everything else. Check the make of the sole and ensure it is not slippery and is firmly bound. Pay attention to the stitching and the buckles if any. Check how solid the heel is and invest in a good brand. Good quality easily translates to comfort as far as shoes are concerned.

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2. How high will you go with the heel?

High heels may look attractive but are they really the right choice for you? Do remember that you’ll be wearing a heavy lehenga and the ceremony will go on for hours. And ultimately, if you’re in pain, it’ll show on your face too. Choose the length of your heels wisely… A few extra inches are not worth the pain!

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3. The kind of shoe

Front closed heels are not an ideal choice for the shaadi. Your toes feel trapped and feet get sweaty, and you could end up with bruises. Peep toes work better as they let your feet breath and heels with a strap at the back are great to give the foot some support. Not to forget, pencil heels are a lot more challenging than a wider or block heel.

4. What’s your shaadi venue?

We’ve all been to farmhouse weddings with our heels digging into the ground. As a bride you don’t want that to happen! Go in for wedges or block heels at such venues. Just in case you’ve already bought your pair, you can opt for transparent heel supporters. For beach weddings, juttis are ideal!

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5. Pick the perfect fit

Ever been guilty of picking up a pair just because it looked great, even though it didn’t quite fit you well? We all do that! But with your wedding shoes you can’t be slipping in an extra rubber sole or stuffing the back with comforters. Try as many pairs as you like until you find a pair that fits your feet like a dream.

6. Get used to them

The most important thing to do with your footwear is to break in them! After you’ve bought your pair, wear it at home for a couple of hours and walk around in them. It’s just to get your feet accustomed to the heels. The footwear too takes the shape of your feet and will feel a lot more comfortable on the D-day.

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7. Wear them to the lehenga fitting

The length of your lehenga depends on how high your heels are. So ideally, the length should only be altered after you’ve bought your pair of heels. Carry your heels to the fittings and try walking around a bit to see how it goes!

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8. The super important *extra pair*!

Because things do go wrong! Always always keep an extra pair of heels and flats handy just in case a strap breaks or you want to change into flats. It happens to the best of us and we don’t want you to take any chances on this special day.

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