Say These 10 Things To A Delhi Girl… NEVER!!

Say These 10 Things To A Delhi Girl… NEVER!!
If you are a Delhiite, then you sure are sick and tired of hearing certain stereotypical remarks every now and then. Read on for some typically familiar remarks and quirky “Delhi girl” responses to them, that would make you go ROFL…

1. “Dilli, Gurgaon, Noida…ek hi baat hai…

Delhi Girl Says:Aaj keh diya, dobaara mat kehna! Delhi is different from Gurgaon and Noida, get your geography right, darling!”

1 never say to a Delhiite

2. “Mumbai is better than Delhi…”

Delhi Girl Says: “Expect a repeat of that scene from Namastey London, when Akshay Kumar proudly gives a speech defending India, just Delhi in this case! ;-)”

3. “Delhi girls are always overdressed!”

Delhi Girl Says: “Excuse me, a Delhi girl is never overdressed, everyone else is simply underdressed (*Princess Diaries*). Besides, looking absolutely sexy at all times never hurt anybody, right?”

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4. “Umm... I feel Big Chill desserts are overrated! I’ve had better cakes in the past.”

Delhi Girl Says: “And I’ve murdered a person in the past, I won’t mind doing it again… Love for Big Chill desserts > Family > Boyfriend!”

4 never say to a Delhiite

5. “Delhi girls are high maintenance!”

Delhi Girl Says: “Do you even know a Delhi girl closely enough to say that?!”

6. “Are you allowed to leave the house after sunset? #safetyissues”

Delhi Girl Says: “Did you seriously just say that? We are perfectly capable of looking after ourselves!”

7. “Delhi doesn’t really have nightlife. Does it?”

Delhi Girl Says: “Let’s head out about town and have a fun night out? Ready?”    

7 never say to a Delhiite

8. “From Delhi? You must swear a lot!”

Delhi Girl Says: “I don’t get it - now what has that got to do with being from a particular city?”

9. “You must have studied in DU”

Delhi Girl Says: “You do realize there are a host of other universities in Delhi apart from DU? Heard of acclaimed ones like NIFT, JNU, Jamia Millia, AIIMs? Not everyone here goes to Delhi University. And many capable students from around the country come to DU.”

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10. “Do you shop a lot, then dress up and dance to Honey Singh’s songs every weekend?”

Delhi Girl Says: “Yes, we do! But that’s not all. We also dress up in fine clothes, have our fav cocktails and attend Sufi concerts over the weekends, after having exhausted ourselves from working incredibly hard throughout the week! We believe in - work hard, shop harder and party the hardest! :-)”

10 never say to a Delhiite

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