10 Awesome Perks Of Growing Up With An Older Sister!

10 Awesome Perks Of Growing Up With An Older Sister!
Being the younger sister is as good as people say it is. Well, why not? You get the all the good stuff that’s coming your way and make beautiful memories along. Having an elder sister means having the most understanding protector for life. Besides that, these are some awesome things only girls with older sisters will get.

1. The freedom to break rules

The rules were first invented because the older sisters did something wrong, and now this unfair rule applies to you too. However, you are allowed to break these rules once in awhile because she will always have your back and also because your folks kind of expect you to.

2. Great sense in everything

You are a little too mature for your age and your choices are heavily influenced by your sister when it comes to cool clothes, shoes, music and yes, even men!

2 girls with elder sisters

3. Confidence

She has taught you how to be yourself and that you should never be ashamed of who you are. Remember all the dance routines you practiced in front of her? Teehee.

4. You never have to be alone

No matter where you are and even if you are at two different poles of the planet, you can always count on her. She will always be there for you, to listen to you, to give you advice, to laugh at you and yes, to share all your misery too.

4 girls with elder sisters

5. She is the excuse

You can blatantly use her as an excuse for anything. Family comes first, right? Like for instance, if you don’t want to go to the mall with your friends, or if you don’t want to go to that double date, just tell the world that your sister needs you. Problem solved!

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6. You’re never out of money

Somehow, through magical powers, an elder sister always has money. Always. All you have to do make puppy faces so that you can borrow from her. And these loans are almost never repaid!

6 girls with elder sisters

7. Never forgetting the important dates

Mom and dad’s birthdays, their anniversaries, that other important day and so on. You have never had to remember these dates because she’ll always send you a reminder beforehand! And even let you add your name to the gift she has already bought!

8. First hand experience of a “cool” slumber party

When her friends came over for a slumber party, she was nice enough to let you in on all the fun too. And, of course, once you hung out with all her cool older friends, you automatically felt cool as well.

8 girls with elder sisters

9. The art of being sarcastic

A girl with an elder sister learns this art early on in life because if you have an older sister, this is more a survival guide! So thanks sis, but all your sarcasm has backfired and come to bite you in the ass.

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10. What to tell your parents when...

Your sister has learned all the ways to deal with your parents and slowly and steadily she has passed on all the gyaan to you too. And this type of gyaan is absolutely priceless!

10 girls with elder sisters

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