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16 Kamarbandhs To Take Your Shaadi Outfit From Gorgeous To WOW!

Kritika Rathi

Guest Contributor, POPxo

Besides highlighting the bride’s waistline, the kamarbandh also keeps the outfit in place. It accentuates the curves on the body beautifully, and is just another way a bride can accessorize on the wedding day. While there are various types and styles of kamarbandhs to choose from - here are some of our favourites!

1. The Ghungroo Echo!

1 kamarbandhs for the bride

A simple yet prominent pattern, this one is laden with ghungroos and that makes it a very playful accessory to have. It’ll go very well with the elaborate gold set you are planning to wear on the big day!

Price: Rs 899. Buy it here.

2. The Stringy Affair!

2 kamarbandhs for the bride

Sometimes, complex arrangements turns out to be stunning when arranged in an orderly manner. The simple chains attached to the main belt add beautifully to the kamarbandh.

Price: Rs 899. Buy it here.

3. The Stone-y Connection!

3 kamarbandhs for the bride

To match your polki or kundan set perfectly, this single line of stones around the waist is one easy add on. Wear this as though it is a part of the lehenga. Add some more sparkle to your already ornate outfit with this one, we say.

Price: Rs 294. Buy it here.

4. The Simple Drapes!

4 kamarbandhs for the bride

This gold chained jewellery piece is apt for the traditional outfit that you have chosen for the big day. Wear it with pride and look charming in this gorgeous gold number. It’ll look great with maroons and greens.

Price: Rs 699. Buy it here.

5. The Paisley Pattern!

5 kamarbandhs for the bride

If you are planning on wearing multi-coloured gemstones in your key jewellery pieces, this red and green enamelled kamarbandh is a must-have. The sweet paisley shaped drops look lovely.

Price: Rs 899. Buy it here.

6. The Kundan Delight!

6 kamarbandhs for the bride

When you are looking for something that perfectly matches your bridal kundan set, this kamarbandh fits the bill. The main focus in on the pendant that sits gracefully on the side of the outfit.

Price: Rs 1,299. Buy it here.  

7. The Tiny Sprinkles Of Joy!

7 kamarbandhs for the bride

A sheer stringed beauty with coloured stones and that hanging piece in the centre, this one is for the bride who loves the tiny little details in trinkets. It’s delicate and surely makes a statement.

Price: Rs 649. Buy it here.

8. The Bold And Beautiful!

8 kamarbandhs for the bride

This is for the bride who likes to look strikingly different. This solid gold waist belt along with the intricate stone and metalwork is what we call special. Especially created for you so that you look like one in a million!

Price: Rs 1,199. Buy it here.

9. The Orchestrated Belle!

9 kamarbandhs for the bride

This gold plated stunner has mini goddess motifs all over it. It’s neat and flaunts clearly defined elements. It’s just right for the bride who wants a contemporary kamarbandh, the one that is a marriage between a belt and a conventional kamarbandh.

Price: Rs 10,080. Buy it here.  

10. The Solid Gold!

10 kamarbandhs for the bride

When you love all things shiny, this outstanding kamarbandh is all you need to give that finesse to your overall look. It’ll look appealing when worn on bright outfits. So if you are going for yellow, pink or carrot red, this should be your choice.

Price: Rs 1,155. Buy it here.   

11. The Geometric Goals!

11 kamarbandhs for the bride

Diamond shaped elements attached to a simple gold string. How much more simplified can a jewellery piece be? This one is for the bride who is wearing gold and wants to add a special touch with some more gold.

Price: Rs 949. Buy it here.

12. The Enchanted Goddess!

12 kamarbandhs for the bride

When you don’t want to leave anything behind and shine through and through, this Goddess Lakshmi embossed belt is for you. It’s for someone who is into some extra bling and wants to wear a real statement piece.  

Price: Rs 799. Buy it here.

13. The Dainty Darling!

13 kamarbandhs for the bride

This classy gold-plated piece is good for the bride and her sister as well. It’s for the woman who wants to keep her jewellery minimal and elegant. We love the beads hanging all around.

Price: Rs 7,560. Buy it here.

14. The Maharani Haar!

14 kamarbandhs for the bride

When you can go full throttle then why stop at one layer? This multi-layered gorgeousness is what we call “made for the bride.” The sweet bits hanging from the strings only add to the grace of this kamarbandh.

Price: Rs 825. Buy it here.  

15. The Linear Love!

15 kamarbandhs for the bride

If you are a girl who likes to keep it completely no-fuss, this stone-studded kamarbandh is suitable for you. It’ll match seamlessly with your diamond set and add to the sheen overall. The lined belt is that one piece that you can wear with other sarees and lehengas too.

Price: Rs 289. Buy it here.

16. The Coined Thread!

16 kamarbandhs for the bride

When you want to adorn yourself with some classic pieces, this coin string might be just about right. It’s not too over the top, yet looks magnificent. The play of bright gold and easy components makes this one unique.

Price: Rs 2,599. Buy it here.

Now go ahead and pick your favourite!
Published on Sep 02, 2016
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