The 10 Stages Of Love - Which One Are *You* At?

The 10 Stages Of Love - Which One Are *You* At?
Love is a beautiful thing, but getting there can be a tricky business. They say there’s a soulmate for everyone out there, have you found yours or are you in the process of finding him? Read these stages of falling in love and find out where you stand.

Stage 1 - You realize he exists

You might have just spotted him somewhere or he might be someone you’ve known for a while now. Point is, you know that there’s this cute guy and you want to get to know more about him!

1 stages of falling in love

Stage 2 - You start stalking him

With the help of every other social media platform, you stalk him shamelessly and relentlessly. Once you’ve exhausted your stalking options, you start stalking him in person. Through rigorous stalking, you would by now have learned his favourite places to hang out. So you drag your friends there, hoping to bump into him.

Stage 3 - You actually do bump into him...

3 stages of falling in love

And then you act like you don’t really care but after you meet a few times, numbers have been exchanged. Win!

Stage 4 - You act aloof

Now that numbers have been exchanged, you wait for him to make the first move. When he does, you act aloof and talk about extremely predictable things like the weather!

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Stage 5 - You’re falling for him...

5 stages of falling in love

...and how! His easy charm and his witty ways are no match for your lame and forced aloofness. You give in. The flirting begins.

Stage 6 - Your phone becomes a part of your arm

You’re hooked to your phone the entire time and more than the phone, you’re hooked on to him. You can’t stop talking to him neither can you stop thinking about him. You constantly wait for his texts and calls. Accept it, ladies, you’re in trouble and there’s no returning from this now.

Stage 7 - You start meeting and dating

7 stages of falling in love

You have a great time with him and by the fourth date, you’ve wondered how his surname would sound behind your own name. Don’t lie, admit it. There’s no shame in honesty.

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Stage 8 - You finally *kiss*

The meetings have increased drastically and there’s only one thing left to do. Kissing him, of course. So, one friday night after a few drinks, his lips found yours.

Stage 9 - You tell him your secrets

9 stages of falling in love

You’ve progressed into more than kissing now and one fine day, you broke into tears. He asked you what happened and you told him your deepest, darkest secret. He wiped your tears away and told you his. You hugged each other and both of you said the “L” word.

Stage 10 - Game over!

You’re in love and want the world to know about his existence!

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