#MyStory: What My First Kiss Was Really Like...

#MyStory: What My First Kiss Was Really Like...
I was not very happy with my job and was thinking to quit but my plan changed when this new guy joined the office. Raman, joined at a senior level in my team and often we would have to work together for projects.

He was not only good looking but was also a very decent guy who was ready to help others. After a couple of months we started hanging out after work along with other colleagues. Raman and I would often go home together as we lived in the same area. The more time I spent with him, the more I started liking him. I was falling for him but I had no clue about who he felt for me.

A long weekend was coming so Raman and I decided to go to any nearby hill station. Two of our colleagues also showed interest in our plan and thus our Kasauli trip was planned.

I was pretty excited about our trip. We left work early that Friday and the four of us started our drive in Raman’s car. We played random games and sang songs as we left Delhi. I had a huge smile on my face and I just couldn’t stop smiling.

Internal first kiss

After a couple of hours we stopped at a place to stretch our legs. As I was standing at the side of the road, I heard his voice, “Why are you smiling so much?”. I was surprised that he noticed, I had been sitting in the backseat while he was driving. Then I realised that he had been looking at me through the rearview mirror.

We got back in the car and as we restarted our journey, we started sharing glances through the mirror, constantly. Half way through the drive, Raman said that he wants to take a break from driving and another colleague took over. He came and sat in the backseat. We sat leaning against the doors with legs stretched towards each other. I was feeling so shy that I just could not look at him so kept my eyes shut but whenever I opened my eyes I saw him looking at me.

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Then we started playing some game and when I won, I gave him a high five and he didn’t leave my hand after that. We kept holding hands for a while, I was both nervous and delighted. After an hour or so he went back to driving and I sat in the seat behind him smiling. The romantic songs being played in the car added to my happiness.

After midnight, it was only Raman and I who were awake, the other two were fast asleep. I have motion sickness which gets worse on winding roads so when we started going uphill Raman started talking to me to distract me. Suddenly he said, “Aastha, look there”, pointing towards the windshield and I moved to the edge of my seat. He switched off the headlight and I freaked out while he kept grinning. Then came a turn and he suddenly kissed me on my cheek. It happened so fast that it took me a few seconds to realise what happened and I blushed.

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In Kasauli, we had booked rooms in a cottage with a balcony facing the valley. After we reached there I went to the balcony to enjoy the view, and Raman came and stood next to me. There was an awkward silence for a minute and then he came near to me, held me by my waist and I just melted in his arms. I hugged him tight and he leaned forward and kissed me. My first kiss… It was as amazing as I always wanted it to be.

Even after the kiss was over, we kept hugging and then he told me that he loved me. It was the most treasured moment of my life

* Names changed to protect privacy.

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