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#MyStory: He Said Goodbye… And Then Just Disappeared!

#MyStory: He Said Goodbye… And Then Just Disappeared!
I met Rohit in my second year of college. We were both hostellers and were studying in the same university. He was a year junior to me. We were introduced to each other through a common friend. Over the course of two years in college, we became good friends. Rohit was already committed to someone in his hometown and I was single.

Soon it was time for my graduation and Rohit still had one year of college to go. I went ahead and enrolled myself in a different university, and eventually both of us weren’t in touch. After one year of my passing out of college, a chanced phone call connected Rohit and me once again. We began talking a lot over the phone and gradually we started falling for each other. One sunny winter morning, he asked me if we could date each other, and obviously, I nodded in consent. We began spending a lot of time together - he would come and see me at my university very often, and I‘d stay over at his place sometimes.

Internal relationship

I completed my studies and soon after, I had a job. Rohit went on to do an MBA, which meant we were in a long distance relationship at the time. After his MBA, it was very difficult for Rohit to find himself a job. I did my bit by helping him apply for various jobs, and eventually, after a lot of searching and great difficulty, he landed a decent job in Delhi (I was living and working in Kolkata). By this time, our relationship had hit rock bottom. We were in touch though, and proclaimed our love for each other in our weakest moments.

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It was around this time that my father passed away. I was shattered and was going through a very rough phase. Rohit left his job in Delhi and came back to Kolkata. We would meet in the evenings and hang out together. Marriage was on the cards for me and I was being made to meet prospective grooms by this time. We would discuss these prospective grooms for hours over the phone, and Rohit would always patiently listen to me.

One day, he said that he wanted to drop me to office. Travelling by taxis was a luxury at that time. But he insisted and I agreed. During our taxi ride, he held my hand (which didn’t feel odd at all) and we continued to chat up throughout the way. He dropped me off and I waved him goodbye.

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Strangely, he just disappeared from my life after that day. I never saw him again. I enquired about him from all our common friends but to no avail. I miss him even today, and sometimes I look for him at airports, railway stations, markets, fairs, and other public places. I’ve moved on in life, but somewhere, a part of me still longs for one sight of Rohit.

*Names changed to protect privacy.

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