#MyStory: When His Mom *Almost* Caught Us Making Out...

#MyStory: When His Mom *Almost* Caught Us Making Out...
Mohit and I have been dating for almost two years now and we are getting serious about each other. We have had our share of ugly spats and serious arguments but we have always managed to overcome such situations and get back stronger. In fact his family knows about us, in my family only my siblings know.

This year in June, our college won many prizes at the Mumbai University’s Youth Festival and being the leader of our team I had to go for the prize distribution ceremony to collect our trophies. Mohit decided to bunk his classes and come with me.

After the ceremony was over, Mohit told me that there’s going to be nobody at his house till 6 in evening so we can chill there. Without delaying even for a second I said, “Let’s go”.

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We reached there and after a few hugs we started making out. We got so caught up that we completely lost track of time and it was almost 5:30 pm. When I realised the time I said that I should get back home before anyone caught me at his home! And then, to our horror, we heard someone trying to open the front door...we were half naked!

We quickly put on our clothes, I did my hair and we rushed from the bedroom to the hall. Since we had latched the door it couldn't be opened unless we opened it. We could hear someone knocking on the door. We had no option but to open it.

Internal Making out

Mohit opened the door and it was his mom! She came back earlier than we had expected. I was so terrified that I could feel my legs tremble. Just to make sure she doesn’t notice how scared and nervous I was, I sat on the sofa and pretended to read a book.

Surprisingly, his mom, even after seeing me, said nothing but just smiled at me. She then went inside to keep her bag and we just stayed in the hall smiling foolishly at each other. His mom came out after a few minutes and I started making random conversation with her. I just asked her about a few reference books I had been looking for and she said she would talk to Mohit’s dad about it.

After a quick chit-chat, I got up to leave and she asked me if I would like to have tea or coffee. There was no way I could stay there any longer… I just said bye and almost ran from there.

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The moment I was out of his house, all kinds of thoughts came to my mind - “What will she think about us?”, “Will she scold Mohit?”, “Will she not let him talk to me now?”, “Will she be upset with us?”.  I was walking back thinking all this when Mohit called me and the moment I picked the call, we both burst out laughing. He told me that his mom didn’t get angry at all, instead she asked him if he offered me food. I was pleasantly surprised to hear this.

His mom had never objected to our relationship, in fact I had even visited his hometown once and she knew about it. But what happened that day would be too much for even a cool mom like her…that’s why it made me really nervous.

And then the next day I got a message from his father saying that I should look for the books (the ones I had told Mohit’s mom while trying to make a conversation) in the British Council Library.

My boyfriend always assured me that his mom liked me from the very beginning but what happened in those two days actually made me realize that they had accepted me as a part of their family. And it feels awesome to have such cool future in-laws!

* Names changed to protect privacy.

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