Boys, Here's How To Cheer Up Your Girl When She's On Her Period

Boys, Here's How To Cheer Up Your Girl When She's On Her Period
Dear Boyfriends,

Our period is an inevitable truth of our lives, and well, yours too in a way. It happens every month and trust us, it’s not fun. And we know that most of you get that it kind of sucks. So if you really want to help, here are some teeny tiny efforts you could do to make us feel better during this time of the month. And just so you're not out on a limb, here are a few suggestions…

1. Bring on all the chocolate... And ice-cream!

You cannot have enough chocolate and ice cream at home when we're down. Chocolate is bae. And you scream, I scream, we all scream, for ice-cream!

1 girlfriend is on her period

2. Do not blame ANYTHING on the period (even if it's true)

Just don’t, okay? We're bound to be cranky and uncomfortable, given that we practically have a crime scene in our pants!

3. Unleash the chef in you or be a sweetheart and order our fav food!

We won’t really care whether you cook or you order as long as we get to indulge in yummy food. And guys, if you want some of our pizza, order two. Do not attempt to share. Not now. No.

3 girlfriend is on her period

4. Get us a hot water bottle to ease the cramps!

Our stomachs literally do backflips and forward rolls and cartwheels, so a hot water bottle’s gonna be really nice.

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5. Pick up pads and tampons, if we ask you to…

Do not crib. Do not cringe. Remember that you'll want to be on our good side once this business is over. *wink*

5 girlfriend is on her period

6. Keep the meds handy, so we don’t have to rummage through the whole box!

Or go on a treasure hunt to find them! Because we ain’t gonna be in a mood for that! And then things may get worse... Just sayin’.

7. Let us - Sleep. Laze. Repeat. Do NOT wake us up if we are sleeping…

...Unless the world is ending. And maybe not even then! Yes, we're totally serious.

7 girlfriend is on her period

8. Don’t ask us to explain stuff, and do not even touch the veto-ed topics.

No, don’t even joke about them. Like, don’t even be venturing into that category. Seriously.

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9. Pay us genuine compliments. This is the right time to let us know we are fabulous.

This time of the month, when we feel bloated and messed up and like we're dying, is probably the best time to call us beautiful even if we've been wearing our sweats and haven't combed.

9 girlfriend is on her period

10. Plan a night in with lots of pillows and food and light hearted movies.

If we want to snuggle with you, snuggle with us. If we want to snuggle with our pillows, let us - and don't question our sanity.

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