10 Grand Romantic Gestures *Every* Girl Wants From Her Husband!

10 Grand Romantic Gestures *Every* Girl Wants From Her Husband!
Women might not always admit it but the truth is that we’re all hopeless romantics at heart and love romantic ideas! And as much as we love the little things you do for us, sometimes we get this uncontrollable desire for all those big and fancy romantic gestures, just like they show in movies. Yes, we know they are not easy to pull off, but just in case you’re feeling up to the challenge, here are 10 grand gestures every girl secretly wants from her future husband! *wink*

1. Secret proposal photoshoot!

First things first - if you are going to surprise us with a proposal, you might as well get a photographer to capture the heartfelt and amazing moment secretly so that we can relive it again and again and again! <3

1 romantic ideas

2. Surprise anniversary vacation

What could be better than waking up to tickets to somewhere far away on our first anniversary? Just you, me and all our love as a married couple!
P.S.- I wouldn’t mind even if we made this a yearly tradition! *grins*

3. Decorate the house with lights…

...for when we can’t go on vacation because it’s not enough to rekindle romance just once a year. Let’s make sure, for us, every day is our honeymoon!

3 romantic ideas

4. Pick us up with flowers and chocolates

Whether it’s after a long day at work or from the airport, you standing there with a box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers in your hands will always be the best sight for us!

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5. Sing us a song in public!

Who cares if you can’t sing well? What matters is that you are doing it only for us! Karaoke weekends? Aw yeah!

5 romantic ideas

6. Organize a girls night out for us

While we girls might get lost in the everyday hustle, it’d be the sweetest thing to have you plan a girls night out for us! And, yes, that will give you some time to blow off steam too!

7. Add a flashmob to that while you are at it!

Remember Justin Timberlake in Friends With Benefits? Well, we might be more than friends but we have all those benefits too, right? ;) Nothing could beat you standing in the middle of a flashmob giving us that smile that makes us melt!

7 romantic ideas

8. Book an entire movie hall!

You ask “why?”, we ask “why not?” Sure, it’s going to be a slightly expensive affair, but it’s worth it once in a while, right? Imagine us alone in a huge movie hall watching our favourite movie together! We are getting goosebumps already!

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9. Invite Maroon 5 to sing for our wedding!!!

Because sugaaaaar? Yes, please! #EnoughSaid

9 romantic ideas

10. Clean up the house, without being told to!

Ohhh, yes! Nothing sexier than waking up to a shirtless husband and a squeaky clean house!

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