11 CRAZY Things People Say When You Put On A Bit Of Weight!

11 CRAZY Things People Say When You Put On A Bit Of Weight!
It seems as if the whole world goes bonkers every time they see some change in your appearance. It’s irksome when people say silly things about the way you look, isn’t it? Why can’t they just mind their own business, like seriously! Here are 11 crazy comments about weight gain you’ll get when you put on some extra kilos!

1. “Oh God... Look at you! Have you been gaining weight?”

Yeah! Look at me! If you’ve nothing better to do in life, sure go ahead and judge me. And yes, I have gained some weight, but you seem to be losing your mind!

2. “It’s okay! Don’t worry!”

Well, thanks for hinting that there’s something I should be worried about, but you know what? I don’t give a damn, honey! *Flips Hair*

2 comments about weight gain

3. “Are you sure you’ll eat that? It’s gonna make you gain more weight.”

No, I’m not sure if I should eat it or just throw it at your good-for-nothing's face!

4. “I think you need to start going to the gym!”

Hmmm… And I think you need to keep your precious thoughts to yourself!

4 comments about weight gain

5. “You know, weight gain can lead to various health complications?”

Yes, I do actually. But you can also relax because putting on a few kilos won’t kill me. CHILL!

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6. “Fatty, you should eat something healthy!”

And you...my dear well wisher, should learn to be polite!

6 comments about weight gain

7. “Hey! There are so many options available to lose weight!”

But sadly no options available to learn how to mind your own business, isn’t it?

8. “Who’s gonna marry you if you keep gaining weight?!”

OH MY GOD! Give me a dagger please, I want to stab this person right away!
8 comments about weight gain

9. “Don’t mind, but you looked better before putting on those extra kgs!”

And you definitely seemed so much nicer before saying that! *Death Stare*

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10. “Aww...let me pull those chubby cheeks!!”

Dare you do that! Why don’t you just leave me and my “chubby” cheeks ALONE?

10 comments about weight gain

11. “Don’t wear that… It's not for your body-type na.”

… Because you think my body-type is fat? Well, guess what, I think you’re stupid, and your opinion doesn’t matter!

Dear ladies, no matter what people say - just remember that the size of your body doesn’t define you, only what's in your heart does! <3

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