10 Things He Does When He Misses You… But Doesn’t Tell You!

10 Things He Does When He Misses You… But Doesn’t Tell You!
When you miss him, you simply text him and let him know. But that’s not how guys function. (Although, wouldn't life be just so much easier if they did?) Here’s what they do instead, when they miss their girlfriends... But they’ll never tell you!

1. He looks at old pictures of you two, from when you first started dating...

And he smiles at all the memories that come gushing back to him. Sometimes, he even zooms into your face, and looks you in the eye, and just feels lucky to have you by his side.

1 miss their girlfriends

2. He goes back and reads your chat, from a few days/weeks before.

Only because re-reading those texts you sent to him, telling him how much you love him, make him feel special, all over again.

3. He watches that movie, that you asked him to watch, some time back.

‘Coz your wish is his command, albeit carried out a tad bit late.

3 miss their girlfriends

4. He calls you up, and tries to figure out where you are, only to see if he can come meet you...

Because he just really needs to see you, and be close to you, when he’s missing you.

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5. He texts you wayyy more than usual!

‘Coz you are the only thing on his mind, and he doesn’t really know what else to do than talk to you.

5 miss their girlfriends

6. He tags you in soppy and funny posts on FB.

‘Coz everything reminds him of you. Yes, everything!

7. He looks you up on every possible social media platform.

To not just revisit old memories, but to see what has he missed in your life. Plus, who is this new guy following you?

7 miss their girlfriends

8. He keeps looking at his phone, expecting your call or text...

Men fidget too. It’s only human.

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9. He makes plans with his friends, to distract him from these feelings.

Don’t we all turn to our besties?

9 miss their girlfriends

10. He plans to surprise you, the next time you two meet.

And that’s when you get the best surprises of your life!

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