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15 Useful Tips To Make Hostel Life Much Easier!

15 Useful Tips To Make Hostel Life Much Easier!

Hostel life can be tough, especially for the first timers who are moving away from home. It takes a while to adjust to the new lifestyle and that can take a toll on you. If you are one of those who are moving into a hostel then take note of these 15 tips that will make hostel life easier for you. You can thank us later! *Wink*

1. Get home-made food as often as you can

Whenever you visit home or any relative make sure you get yourself some home-cooked meals because it should not come as a surprise that food in the hostel mess sucks big time! 1 tips for a great hostel life

2. Share and care

People in the hostel will take your stuff, whether you like it or not. Accepting the fact that sharing is one hard rule everyone lives by in a hostel will make your days less stressful. And remember, the more you share the more things you can borrow!

3. Know when to say “No”

It will be easier to say yes to everything and everyone initially to get along with people, but soon it will start affecting the rest of your life. Understand that it is okay to not go out every night or stay up late just because everyone else is. Or refusing to lend your expensive earphones to the most irresponsible person does not make you arrogant or stuck-up. If anything, it makes you more confident in life. 3 tips for a great hostel life

4. Learn subtle techniques to avoid people

It is quite normal to get a little annoyed with people around you when you stay with them 24x7. Instead of expressing that emotion through your words and expressions, try to avoid them for a while using subtle techniques like plugging in your earphones when you see them approaching, pretending to be sleeping or reading something. Chances are in a few days you will be over that feeling and things can go back to normal without them ever finding out!
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5. Keep some money stowed away

You never know where you end up spending money when living on your own, especially in a hostel, when you can’t keep a track of every small penny you spend on yourself or others. And before you know it, you are left with an empty wallet. Try to take out some money in the beginning of the month and hide it away in your almirah for a rainy day similar to this! 5 tips for a great hostel life

6. Hang out with your roommates at least once a week

It is SO important to gel nicely with your rookies - after all, you are going to spend a lot of time doing absolutely nothing with them. So make sure you and your roommates make plans or do something together at least once a week. It could be as simple as watching a movie or as complicated as prepping for doomsday, just make sure you do it!

7. Be friendly with the hostel guards/ warden/ cook

They are the ones who will give you the most perks during your hostel life - be it an extra piece of chicken or late night entry or permission to stay away for the weekend, they can make everything easier for you. Be sweet and strike up small talk whenever you can, it will take you a long way! 7 tips for a great hostel life

8. Test the bathroom before you step in

Because, honestly, you don’t want to be stuck in a cubicle with no water and it always happens at the worst time too!

9. Get up-to-date with all the new TV sitcoms

You’ll need this ultimate piece of knowledge to strike up a good conversation with basically anybody in your hostel. This will also give you long hours of life-changing conversations and future binge-buddies! 9 tips for a great hostel life

10. Learn basic life chores

It’s time to do basic adulting, guys! Washing your clothes and dishes, cleaning up your room once in a while - you will need to learn all of this on your own. But don’t freak out, once you see everyone around you struggling with the same things, you’ll know it will all be FINE! Also read: Missing Home? 10 Ways To Feel Better & Fit Into Your New Life

11. Practice sleeping in noise

Nope, no one will lower the volume for you around here, sadly, and if you are one of those people who need absolute silence to fall asleep then you are in for a lot of sleepless nights. The best way to adjust is to practice sleeping with music playing or the TV on before you move into your hostel to acclimatize your sleep cycle to what lies ahead! 11 tips for a great hostel life

12. Participate in college activities

Don’t confine yourself to your hostel and its inhabitants, take part in college activities because you will have the time and you will live right there! It will not just keep you occupied and introduce you to new people but also give you multiple things you can add to your CV!

13. Respect your seniors

Admit it, they have been here longer so they know things better. If you respect your seniors, they will respect you in return and help you out when you really need it because no one does it better than them! 13 tips for a great hostel life

14. Avoid conflicts

No we don’t mean don’t stand up for what you believe in, but try to avoid unnecessary conflicts for as long as you can. Keep your life peaceful and filled with happy vibes and watch it spread to the people around you!

15. Steer away from peer pressure

The minute you feel like someone is pressuring you or forcing you to do something, cut yourself off from them for a while. It is easy to fall prey to peer pressure at a hostel, so keep your eyes and mind open to what’s happening around you. 15 tips for a great hostel life GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy A place where girls can talk about ANYTHING. (No guys allowed!) ? ? Get the POPxo app NOW on Play Store and iOS App Store.
Published on Aug 16, 2016
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