7 Crazy Things That Are Totally Normal In A Girls’ Hostel!

7 Crazy Things That Are Totally Normal In A Girls’ Hostel!
Many of us girls want to have the taste of hostel life at least once in our lives, don’t we? It comes with its share of excitement and experiences that leave you with a ton of memories! For the ones who didn’t get a chance to experience hostel life, we give you 7 weird things that happen in every girls hostel.

1. Occasional, but thoroughly planned sneak-outs…

Because what’s life without risk and adventure! So, the next time you see a bollywood flick in which the actress sneaks out of the hostel at midnight, know that it is possible, and of course, that can happen only when you have full support from your fellow sistas!

2. And sneak-ins…

No, not everyone invites their boyfriend to stay over at the hostel. It could even be your day scholar friends who want to experience the hostel life for a few hours!

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3. Cat fights that split the hostlers into groups...

… And mark the beginning of never ending cold wars! An angry woman spares none! But what if there are several of them?

3 weird things that happen in a girls hostel

4. Midnight beauty sessions, cooking sessions and gossip

Basically all these young women are nocturnal beings who get hyperactive when rest of the world is sleeping! But all these midnight sessions are pure fun!

5. Secret meetings to seek revenge from the warden

‘Coz how can she be so mean to every single one of us! And yes, special provisions are made to keep the warden’s spies away, if you know what we mean!

5 weird things that happen in a girls hostel 1

6. Changing clothes in front of your roomie is no big deal!

From your poor test scores to your deepest, darkest secrets - your roommate knows it all! And you can change your clothes in her presence too, because well, that’s the kind of comfort factor that exists here.

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7. Girls share the deepest of their secrets with their hostel friends

Because they know their secrets are safe!

7 weird things that happen in a girls hostel

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