Missing Home? 10 Ways To Feel Better & Fit Into Your New Life

Missing Home? 10 Ways To Feel Better & Fit Into Your New Life
Moving away from home can be liberating, it makes a person responsible and independent but there are days when one misses home immensely. It happens to the best of us, you just have to be strong and ride that wave. So besides just calling them, try these things to help yourself when you miss home too much.

1. Cook

If your culinary skills are limited to just knowing how to make coffee and Maggi, then let’s just be honest here, that’s a bit pathetic. The internet is full of easy-to-make recipes so why not try some of them out? And then the next time you actually go home, you can cook a delicious meal for your family too!

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2. Take a walk around your locality

Walks can be really relieving. Plug in your earphones, listen to good music and just observe your surroundings. It’s amazing how you miss some things in the daily hustle and bustle of life… You might even find something that makes you feel more at home!

3. Exercise

If you are a homebody who doesn’t really like getting out of the house, then you can do some simple exercises or yoga. Remember, the whole point is to keep yourself busy and occupied. And why not do that while restoring some balance to your life, body and mind as well?

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4. Write it all out

Putting feelings on paper have statistically proven to provide great relief. Write down how you are feeling and always remind yourself that you are strong and that you will see your family soon.

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5. Go and meet relatives

If you are lucky enough to have relatives around you in the city, go and meet them. They are family and since you have something in common to talk about, homesickness will fly out of the window very quickly!

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6. Try local, authentic food

Every place is made unique by its culture, tradition, weather, attire and most importantly, the local food. Make use of your time and go discover the heavenly platter the city has to offer. It will make you feel like you are where you belong!

7. Send them gifts or letters

A good way to make yourself feel better is by making your family feel better too. Send them gifts or letters and make them smile. No matter what the gift is, they will absolutely adore it and you will feel so much better for making them smile too!

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8. Call one of your friends

Preferably a friend who is staying away from home too. Meet him/ her and spend some time together. Someone who is going through the same emotions as you are is very easy to connect to and they might shed light on how to make life away from home easier!

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9. Redecorate your room

Homesickness doesn’t just happen because one misses the people. The home in its physical sense also contributes a lot in feeling homesick. Redecorate or redo your room the way it was back home. The more comfortable you are, the less homesick you will be.

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10. Remember all the times that you overcame the hard stuff

Life is more often easy than hard and you’ve gotten through many of the tough times. Give yourself some credit and a pat on the back because you deserve it. And thinking of all those times is bound to make you feel stronger and ready to push forward again!

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