13 Things You’ll Get If You Look Way Younger Than You Are!

13 Things You’ll Get If You Look Way Younger Than You Are!
While the rest of the world out there is losing its cool over growing old and ageing too fast, there are some like us who are struggling at the other end of the spectrum. Dear people of the universe, if we look younger than we are (way younger!), then that’s something we really cannot help, you know? But it may help our cause if you do not treat us like toddlers. Here are a few things you will get if you have a permanent baby face.

1. When people randomly ask you “So, what grade are you in?”

You scream inside your head and then politely tell them that you’re working.

1 look younger than you are

2. Guys who are wayyyy too young to you hit on you…

And when they do realize your actual age… Ahem, awkward!

3. And that guy who you have a crush on? The one who is actually your age...

He thinks of you as a kid and any advances you make seem like this to him.

3 look younger than you are

4. When you go to a theatre to see an A rated film, the guard singles you out and asks for an ID

Only if looks could actually kill, guards for half the theatres in the city would be dead by now. *death stare* *shows ID and stomps away*

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5. You cannot wear minions, mickey mouse or tom and jerry.


5 look younger than you are

6. At work, sometimes you find it hard to be taken seriously...

But you know how to work your way around that one, don’t you? Attagirl!

7. You are used to being called “cute” instead of smart or sexy!

Especially when you are wearing your fav LBD, lord save the soul who tells you how cute you look!

7 look younger than you are

8. Buying drinks is a real struggle!

The person at the billing counter keeps staring at you as if he can count the number of years you have lived in your face or something! And sometimes, they just flat out refuse…  *eyeroll* *Takes out ID card*.

9. You are the baby of your friend circle!

All of you are the same age group but somehow everyone ends up treating you as the “kiddo”! Not cool, guys. Unless you're going to start treating me to food!

9 look younger than you are

10. Relatives and random aunties go “Aww” and pull your cheeks in public places!

I like my checks on my face Renu aunty, thank you very much!

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11. People automatically assume you are innocent miss goody two shoes!

And there is some major eyebrow raising when you talk about “adult” stuff!

11 look younger than you are

12. But hey! You end up saving a lot more than your friends…

Because hello? No anti aging creams and fancy lotions required… YET!

13. While people are worried about getting older...

You're just cruising through these years! Boo yeah!

13 look younger than you are

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