7 Things You’ll Totally Get If You Have A Jaat Boyfriend!

7 Things You’ll Totally Get If You Have A Jaat Boyfriend!
There are boys, and then there are Jaat boys. And all girls who have dated a Jaat boy would know why we are making this distinction. Here are 7 things you’ll totally get if you have ever dated a Jaat guy too!

1. He’s a strong, strong guy and you just feel so safe around him…

‘Coz you know if anyone even tries to tease you, they’re dead meat.

1 jaat boyfriend

2. He pampers you like crazy and spoils you with big, grand gestures.

He might seem rough and tough on the outside, but he has one big, soft heart.

2 jaat boyfriend

3. He is super comfortable in his own skin, and loves you just the way you are too…

Leaving no room for insecurities about the way you look, speak or behave to creep in.

3 jaat boyfriend

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4. He is super confident and his many contacts always come to his aid…

Jugaad is the word!

4 jaat boyfriend

5. Your fights are legendary - because you are both stubborn and refuse to back down…

But then your make up sex is equally exciting!

5 jaat boyfriend

6. He speaks his mind without mincing his words or beating around the bush…

And you love the fact that you do not have to keep reading “between the lines” and getting worried over it.

6 jaat boyfriend

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7. People may judge him, and even stereotype him, but that doesn’t bother you…

He has great family values, is deeply connected to his roots and doesn’t take bullshit from anyone - and you love that about him, really.

7 jaat boyfriend

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