10​ ​College-Time​ ​Activities​ ​That​ ​Actually​ ​Look​ ​GREAT​ ​On​ ​Your​ ​CV!

10​ ​College-Time​ ​Activities​ ​That​ ​Actually​ ​Look​ ​GREAT​ ​On​ ​Your​ ​CV!
It’s true! Nothing compares to the excitement of being in college with the new-found independence and never ending fun! But these years are also a resource, a time resource that would never come back! So why not be smart about it? Don’t compromise on having fun but also put in some effort to take on activities that will help you build your C.V. and really pay off later! Have no idea what that means? Read on for some amazing ideas…

1. Learn A Foreign Language

In this globalized world, with cutthroat competition, knowledge of a foreign language definitely gives one an edge over the rest, especially in the job market. Popular choices are Spanish, French and German, and if you are exceptionally enthusiastic you could always go for learning Mandarin.

1 things to do during your college

2. Social Work

Working for an NGO sure looks great on your C.V. as it shows compassion and concern for a social cause. But, it’s also a great way to give back to society, utilize your time productively and humble yourself down as a person. You could go for CanSupport, Teach For India, Khushii or any other that you like.

3. Join A College Society

College life will never come back! So use this opportunity by joining a college society, whether it's music, theatre, debating or sports. You’ll have a fun hobby to look forward to in college and a chance to socialize as well! Plus, there is no denying that it’ll give you brownie points on your C.V. for being multi talented and being a team player. And if you’re good enough you might bag a few prizes or even become the society president! Now, you wouldn’t mind that, would you? #achiever

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4. Opt For An Internship

Apply for an off campus summer internship each year, in different fields of your choice. It's a smart way to productively add to your C.V. as well as gain some hands-on work experience that would enable you to make more suitable career choices in the future.

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5. Learn An Art Form

It’s never too late to learn something new! Very true, but even then, your college years are the only time in life, when you’ll have the time to take classes to learn something new, before you get crazy busy earning a living. It could be a dance form, calligraphy, shooting, photography, a musical instrument or even cooking, if that’s what interests you! Keep in mind that employers and post-grad universities, alike prefer C.V.s with extra curricular than just academic excellence.

6. Take Up Blogging

Yes, everyone is blogging these days and it’s a great platform to practice and showcase your talent. What better than your college years to start a blog in your field of choice! All you need is passion, skill and love for social media. Not only will it look good on your C.V. but also if you create a good enough following, you can earn a few extra bucks. #bloggingpays

7. Computer Courses

In the technology driven world, basic knowledge of computers and softwares is a prerequisite to enter the job market. So why not get ahead of the game and take up basic/advanced courses in Microsoft Office or if you’re ambitious enough then maybe even learn a computer language!

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8. NSE Courses

Looking for a career in Finance, Investment or Accountancy? Then think about taking up National Stock Exchange courses and certifications! This would not only be a definite way of gaining a deeper insight into the subjects of your choice but will also allow you to showcase your keen interest in your field to prospective employers.

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9. Basic Taxation Course

Even if you’re not an accountancy student or a C.A., you will have to file and pay your taxes, if you plan to earn money! So it's advisable to learn tax basics like rates, filing and saving schemes and you can thank yourself after graduating, once you start earning and become liable to pay taxes.

10. Become Self-Dependent

This means you start learning how to do everything on your own. From ironing your own clothes, to cooking your own meal and setting your own bed, learn it all! The feeling of being independent will boost your confidence and make you better prepared to take on the world, once you graduate from college. And of course knowing your own sh**, definitely pays off.

10 things to do during your college

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