11 Ways Delhi And Mumbai Are SO Different Yet SO Similar!

11 Ways Delhi And Mumbai Are SO Different Yet SO Similar!
The battle of “which is the better city” has continued among the people of dilwalon ki Dilli and aamchi Mumbai since ages, so much so that there have been moments of extreme animosity between the two. But we, at POPxo, believe in spreading peace and love and we say - it’s time to stop!

Both the cities might be poles apart in various ways, but could these distinctions be what really brings them together? Here are 11 ways Delhi and Mumbai are so different yet so similar!

1. Local in Mumbai, Metro in Delhi

Give them different names, but can you really deny the fact that the two cities have the most well-developed public transport systems in India? While the local connects Mumbai like nothing else, the metro in Delhi takes you from one part to another and does it the cheapest!

You might never get a seat in either, but you can’t deny how useful they are!

1 Delhi and Mumbai

2. South Delhi = South Mumbai

No, really. Think about it. They are both highly posh, highly expensive areas occupied by people who just cannot imagine how anyone can live in the suburbs and survive. It’s actually not different at all! :P

3. Mumbai’s Vada Pav is Delhi’s Aloo Chaat

And that just means that street food wins hands-down in both the cities. Local food joints or thelas are WAY more appreciated than those fancy-schmancy restaurants. After all, girls from both cities understand the agony of the “never-having-enough-money” phase in life like no one else!

3 Delhi and Mumbai

4. Crowds!!!

You can go from Delhi’s Rajeev Chowk to Mumbai’s Dadar, and the one thing that will never change is the bucket-loads of people pushing and hitting you to get inside the train compartment! And let’s not forget a similar situation on the roads, whether it’s Bandra or Saket, especially after a downpour!

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5. Delhi’s Sarojini, Mumbai’s Colaba

Both the cities are ultimate street-shopping destinations! Not just Sarojini and Colaba but also Janpath, Linking Road, Crawford, Chandni Chowk - street shopping is a religion, and we know it all too well!

5 Delhi and Mumbai

6. From Boss to Bhaiya

At the end of the day, our only concern is getting the auto/ taxi, whether it’s being driven by Bhaiya or Boss, and the struggle is real in both the cities!

7. Party? Aw yeah!

Mumbaikars might never dance to Yo Yo Honey Singh and for Delhiites his numbers may be party anthems, but despite their preferential differences, both these cities know how to bring the house down! Their night lives are so charged up and exciting that you can’t help but fall in love!

7 Delhi and Mumbai

8. Free evening hangout spots!

Whether it’s Mumbai’s Marine Drive or Delhi’s Hauz Khas Lake, we are always up for “chilling”, as long as we don’t have to pay for it! *Grin*

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9. F*ck all to F*ck you!

We might say it in different ways, but our emotions stay the same, am I right? :P

9 Delhi and Mumbai

10. Amazing history

While buildings in Mumbai boast of their Victorian, Gothic and contemporary architectural styles dating back to the British rule, Delhi takes you back to its Mughal roots with the Islamic, Persian and Turkish designs, not to forget Lutyens Delhi. Both the cities have fascinating histories that you just cannot miss!

11. Lonavla ho ya Shimla, it’s the same thing!

Neither of the two cities have to ever worry about weekend plans because we got a sure-shot place to run to for all those impromptu plans, thankyouverymuch!

11 Delhi and Mumbai

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