cherish more than a grand wedding

Dear Future Husband, 10 Things I Want More Than A Grand Wedding

Sneha Manandhar


Dearest Future Husband, I really hope you are reading this. Every girl dreams of getting married to a Prince Charming, to the man of her dreams and prays that she has marital bliss forever. I want to you read this because these are some things I will cherish more than a grand wedding.

1. Love my family the way I do

I know for a fact that I will love yours, with heart and soul. I know this because they raised you to become such a fine gentleman, such a wonderful person. I want you to know my family the way I do. I want us to be one big, happy family.

1 cherish more than a grand wedding

2. Feel free to bring me breakfast in bed

Be that nice guy, won’t you? I don’t want or need you to do that everyday but once in awhile, every wife needs some extra loving, doesn’t she?

3. Never make me doubt your loyalty

Yes, I know there are so many beautiful, smart and sexy women out there and I’m not surprised that they want a piece of you. I mean, just look at you! I want to trust you forever, with my eyes closed. Try not to give me a reason to doubt you, okay? That’s all I ask.

3 cherish more than a grand wedding

4. Be supportive of my career path

Sometimes you might not understand why and sometimes it may seem a little unconventional but I need you to understand that this is what I am passionate about. I need you to be a supportive husband.

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5. Always take my side when we are in a public setting

Even if I am wrong. We are a team and you need to back me up! I would do the same for you. Don’t worry I won’t do anything severely wrong and ask you to take my side, but, God forbid I do, I give you permission to hand me over to the police.

5 cherish more than a grand wedding

6. Help me keep our place clean

No, I’m not giving you an “equality” type speech. But yes, it isn’t just a woman’s job. Everyone wants to live in a clean house, so help me keep our place clean okay?

7. Silence and cuddles

I will have bad days and there will be nothing you can do to help me out of my misery. All I need you to do then is cuddle with me in silence. That’s all I ask for.

7 cherish more than a grand wedding

8. Try and be proud of me

My victories might be small but believe me when I say this, I will try very hard to hand over only victories and happiness to you. A little appreciation did harm to nobody, isn’t it?

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9. Tell me you love me

Remind me of it everyday. Because I love being loved.

9 cherish more than a grand wedding

10. Help me make our house a home

It’s always the little things that matter. It takes a lot of time to make a home and I want us to do this together, slowly and steadily, no matter how long it takes.

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Published on Aug 17, 2016
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