new bride wants her in-laws to know

10 Things EVERY Girl Wants To Tell Her Future Mom & Dad In-Law!

Tanaya Seth

Guest Contributor

Dear future in-laws, I can’t wait to be a part of your family. I already consider you like my parents and would never differentiate between my maternal home and yours. However, there are a few things I would want you to know about me, which will help us all settle in together and adapt well. Here goes...

1. Kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi

Mother-in-law, you have been through this phase too, haven’t you? A little bit of trust, patience and help is all I need from you to help me adjust in my new home.

2. I am not perfect

Everything is new for me - new home, new rules, new people. I am new to being a wife and daughter-in-law, and I will make mistakes. But one always learns from their mistakes, right? That’s how it will be for me too - have faith.

2 new bride wants her in-laws to know

3. There will be differences

I have fights with my mom and dad, and probably we will have our set of arguments too. However, that does not mean I am being disrespectful or rude. Fights happen in every household, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love each other, right?

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4. I like to work

I love my job and I enjoy going to work every day. It is unfair to expect me to leave my job as soon as I get married. I will work and manage to do my bit for the house and family as well, just like my husband will. Just give me a chance.

4 new bride wants her in-laws to know

5. Your son will always be your son

I am not here to take your son away from you; that is not my agenda. He is your son and my husband, and they are two very different roles, so let’s not complicate relationships. I would never come in between you and your son.

6. This is my home now

I will put in all my efforts to settle down in the new home. This is my home now, and I am always there for every single person at home.

6 new bride wants her in-laws to know

7. I would never differentiate

Please do not think that I would differentiate between my maternal home and my new home. I will never differentiate between my parents and you. For me, we all are one big happy family!

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8. Please be there for me

There will be times when things will not go my way and I will need you both to support and guide me, just like all parents do for a child. Please be there to comfort me when I’ve had a bad day or a rough experience.

8 new bride wants her in-laws to know

9. I’ll need my space sometimes

Like any other person, I will, at times, want some space too. In those moments, please let me be and I’ll be fine soon.

10. Let’s remove the term “in-laws” from the relationship

You are my father and mother. This marriage has blessed me with two sets of parents and I could not be happier about that. I love you all equally! Similarly, please remove the term “in-laws” from our relationship and make me your daughter.

10 new bride wants her in-laws to know

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Published on Aug 29, 2016
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