7 Cute Signboard Ideas To Make Your Wedding Decor SO Adorable!

7 Cute Signboard Ideas To Make Your Wedding Decor SO Adorable!
As far as wedding decor goes, signboards at your wedding is the new definition of cool. And we’ve got to agree that they do look super fab. This chic new decor element is also a cute way to add a touch of *you* to your wedding. You could use them to share your love story or it could simply be a display of your favourite romantic quotes. Leave them looking raw and rustic, or do them up using pretty flowers. And if you’re still clueless… Here’s some inspiration!

1. Mr & Mrs Right

1 Signboards at weddings

Aww, such a cute one this is. A signboard in the sand that reads Mr Right & Mrs Always Right… In the making! Now this is something you can totally replicate at your wedding.

Image: Shared by the bride, Vidushi

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2. A warning to your friends?

2 Signboards at weddings

This one’s so fun! Don’t you instantly wish you could attend this wedding?! For the sangeet night, add a dash of fun to your decor with a board like this.

Image: Mahatta Photography

3. Love is in the air

3 Signboards at weddings

Are you the romantic couple who has always dreamt of a fairytale wedding? Share your story with an adorable chalkboard and spread the love :)

Image: Morvi Images on Instagram

4. And they lived happily ever after

4 Signboards at weddings

We’ve always dreamt of our very own ‘happily ever after’, and it’s finally happening! So why not make that childhood dream a part of your decor?

Image: Shared by the bride, Vidushi

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5. Dulhania swag!

5 Signboards at weddings

Want to do something totally hatke? Have a signboard done up with genda phool and let it read plain and simple - Dulhania!

Image: Morvi Images

6. Together forever

6 Signboards at weddings

Sweet, simple and totally heartfelt. Who wouldn’t like to have a chalkboard like this at their engagement?

Image: Lovelylorises on Instagram

7. Here there everywhere!

7 Signboards at weddings

Remember this super cute board from #shahidkishaadi? It’s one of the most adorable ones we’ve ever seen! A similar standee around the mandap sure sounds like a great plan!

Image: Events2moments on Instagram

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