10 Little Things To Make Your Guy Feel Loved! *Heart*

10 Little Things To Make Your Guy Feel Loved! *Heart*
Everyone needs to feel loved sometimes. Your boyfriend is no exception here. He may not say it, but deep within, he longs to be smothered with cuddles and kisses. Here are 10 little things to do that can make a guy feel loved.

1. A compliment a day

Did you know that men secretly love compliments? So, occasionally, tell him that he looks great in that outfit or what a fantastic cook he is. Words don’t cost a dime, but they’re remembered for a lifetime.

1 make him feel loved

2. It’s raining kisses!

You don’t have to kiss just to make up, you know? A kiss speaks a thousand words and is the most intimate expression of love. The next time he’s feeling low, walk up to him, hold his face up, look straight into his eyes and kiss him passionately. This will surely perk him right up!

3. Little surprises will win his heart

Imagine this - wouldn’t it be amazing if your man was going through his bag or books and finds a  tiny mushy note from you?! That’s the surprise we’re hinting at. A cute little poem or a love note will instantly melt his heart.

3 make him feel loved

4. Motivate that rockstar!

You are his better half for a reason. You’ve got to believe in your man, help him chase his dreams and motivate him at every step. You are his powerhouse, and for better and for worse, you’ll always be by his side. So keep showing support whenever you can!

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5. Randomly send him a cute text

Just the thought of someone sending you “I miss you” or “I love you” text messages makes you want to smile all day long, right? It’s a cute gesture and your boyfriend will know that he’s on your mind or that you're thinking of him!

5 make him feel loved

6. Blast from the past

On and off, send him an old picture of the two of you. You can either tag him on Facebook or send it across on Whatsapp. Taking him down the memory lane is the cutest way of letting him know of all the good memories you've shared!

7. Make the first move

We’re not talking about taking PDA to a whole new level, but just be the one to initiate physical intimacy. Giving him teddy bear hugs just because it will make the two of you feel really good from within.

7 make him feel loved

8. Order his favourite food!

Is he a pasta or pizza lover?! When in doubt, order both without him knowing! Don't they say that "the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach"? Well, you’re going to be winning all the love with this move then.

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9. Cuddle with him

Just how you’re a big fan of cuddling, so is he - but more secretly! Spend a lazy Sunday munching on some hot caramel popcorn, watching his favorite movie and cuddling with your man between the sheets. He'll love it!

9 make him feel loved

10. Say I love you - A LOT!

There’s something very magical about telling someone you love them every single day. It will not only make his heart skip a beat, but will also make his love for you grow stronger by the day. Especially if you both can't meet every single day!

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