How To Pick The Best Job Offer: 10 Questions To Ask Yourself!

How To Pick The Best Job Offer: 10 Questions To Ask Yourself!
Sometimes, just sometimes in life you get two equally nice job offers and you can’t decide which one to go for. You usually deal with this confusion when you are just starting out professionally, and don’t know what parameters to base your decision upon, apart from a good salary and a brand name. Here are 10 things that will help you decide, in such a situation!

1. Which place will offer you better mentorship or a more focused training?

Since you are just starting out, you need to choose a place that will train you and enhance your skill set. You may not have a direct person to report to in every office, but you will have a manager everywhere. You must look them up on LinkedIn and figure out what can you can learn from them and their past professional experiences.

1 two job offers

2. What financial benefits are you receiving, apart from your basic pay?

Companies provide their employees many perks, such as medical insurance, conveyance charges, etc. apart from a basic salary. It is a good idea to opt for a job that covers these for you, as they offer long-term security, even if your basic salary is a bit less.

3. What networking benefits/professional contacts will you build?

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Some companies offer you greater exposure to the industry than others, and you must always prefer them, for it is your network and contacts that will give your career an edge over others.

3 two job offers

4. How does this job reflect on your CV?

Of course brand name matters, but what also matters is the kind of work profile you have in a certain company. So, you must think long-term and try to decide for yourself which out of these two jobs will give you the kind of experience that will bring you closer to your dream.

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5. How long do you see yourself doing either of these jobs?

Since you are just starting out, you don’t want to leave a company in a couple of months, because it doesn’t give out a good impression of you, professionally. So, before you take up an offer, think about how long would you be able to stick around doing what a certain job demands of you and only pick the one that won't make you want to run away in a few months.

5 two job offers

6. How many people are working in your position, in a certain company?

You may not pay much attention to this point, but it’s crucial. For if there are more people at the level that you are applying for, there will be more competition between them for the same job, and less learning and growth. Instead, try to go for a place that has lesser people employed at your position so that you can do more productive and constructive work.

7. Which job is more convenient for you?

There are some jobs that are more convenient for you than others, by simply being closer to your home, or having more flexible work hours, or letting you work in a manner that allows you to plan your leaves better. These things help you lead a personal life, on your own terms, and make your professional life much less stressful too.

7 two job offers

8. How well will you be able to fit into the culture of a certain company?

Every workplace has a different work environment, and it can affect your work, along with your personality. So keep in mind that the work timings, leave policies, promotions and the general attitude of people towards each other suit you.

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9. How enthusiastic are your employers about hiring you?

You have to use your judgement here to decide if your employer sounds desperate to hire you only to fill his workforce, or if he wants you because of your skill set. It is great to join a team led by someone who is excited about you joining his team, as he will then make more efforts to accommodate your needs while joining too.

9 two job offers

10. What are the growth prospects of the company you are joining?

The company you’re about to join might be a good brand, but you must study its future prospects, and what the investors are saying about it, and what its long-term vision is. For it’s not a great idea to associate yourself with people who don’t have a bright future, even if they are willing to pay you well.

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