How To Make A Great Impression At Your College Fresher’s Party!

How To Make A Great Impression At Your College Fresher’s Party!

You’ve just started college and one of the biggest events is about to take place - the fresher’s party. How exciting! Your fresher’s party is like a huge introduction of you and your batchmates to the rest of the college. So here are 6 simple things to pay attention to if you want to rock your fresher’s party...

1. The right outfit

As this is one of your first official parties, make sure you dress to impress...YOURSELF! That’s right, select an outfit that is totally “you”. Your outfit should make you feel confident as well as comfortable because you’ll have to spend hours in it. the freshers party

2. Dance moves

You know everyone, including you, will be dancing at this party. So why not practice a few moves? Brush up on your dancing skills and wow everyone at the party!

3. Smile

You may feel self-conscious during the party as you’re surrounded by a lot of unknown people, but one sure way to not let it show is to smile! And who doesn’t love pearly whites flashing through a big, bright smile? While there’s a host of home remedies to get whiter teeth, our shortcut is to use the Colgate Visible White toothpaste for a week before the event to have an even brighter smile.

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4. Shoes

Speaking of dancing, don’t take your footwear for granted! Wear shoes that you are really comfortable in. Heels might be your first choice, but take into account all the walking, standing and dancing that you will be doing. If you’re not sure you can handle high heels, you can always opt for flats or sneakers.

5. Make new friends

Your fresher’s party is the the best platform to meet your batchmates from other courses and your seniors as well. Mingle with everyone and you’ll be sure to make friends. the freshers party 1

6. Participate

If your teachers and seniors ask you and your friends to sing or perform at the party - don’t back out! You have to show that you’re outgoing and confident. Remember, you’re only going to get a fresher’s party once, so make it memorable. GIFs: Giphy *This is a sponsored post for Colgate Visible White. Watch the Shine Song featuring Shraddha Sharma and rapper Big Deal for your daily dose of smiles.