10 Doubts EVERY Girl Has About Her To-Be Husband - It’s Okay!!

10 Doubts EVERY Girl Has About Her To-Be Husband - It’s Okay!!
Ladies, sorry to burst your bubble, but in all probability, “The Perfect Guy” does not exist. Aside from the fact that we all have our own versions of “perfect”, every human, even if it is your fiancé who is head-over-heels in love with you, has his set of flaws, and you just have to just make your peace with it. Oh, and let’s not discount the pressure that comes with people telling you that the courtship period is the BEST TIME OF YOUR LIFE! Ladies, let us ease things out for you and tell you that once you’re engaged and the decision to marry him is more or less final, the best of us get the jitters as we doubt the would-be husband and question whether the wedding should happen at all! Here’s a list of doubts you’re bound to have (especially if you’re taking the arranged marriage route) about the guy you’re going to marry, and that’s normal, girls…

1. He seems so aloof sometimes – it’s almost as if he has an alternate life that I have no idea about. Wait, does he, really?

That’s just how boys are sometimes. Him not being fully present sometimes shouldn’t lead to you questioning his love for you and the relationship altogether.

2. He mentions a different ex-girlfriend every time. Does he switch from one girl to another very often? Is it a habit?!

If you have any such doubts, the best way to deal with them is to talk it out. Explain to him your insecurities and don’t worry yourself silly. The fact that he’s comfortable enough with you to mention his past with that much ease should actually zap all your tension away. He has nothing that he feels the need to hide from you, it seems.

2 doubts you are bound to have about your fiance

3. And if I mentioned my exes so casually in front of him, would he take it lying down? It’s the past, after all!

Once you reach a good comfort level, mention it to him in passing to test waters, and judge for yourself. The past is in the past now, ladies. It shouldn’t be bothering your relationship with your fiancé.

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4. Will he get along with my family once he’s spent enough time with them? They’re my people!

This one will definitely come to your mind. Well, all we can say is: don’t cross the bridge until you come to it, ladies. He loves you - chances are, by extension, he’ll love your peeps too.

4 doubts you are bound to have about your fiance

5. What if he just flips after the wedding and doesn’t love me the way he does right now?

You’ve just got to have faith, ladies. Besides, living with that fear isn’t going to help, is it?

6. He seems very attached to his mom – my married friends tell me it’s very tough to deal with such husbands. Did I make the right decision?

This is a tricky one. But don’t you like that he loves his mommy so much? That says a lot about him, doesn’t it?

6 doubts you are bound to have about your fiance

7. He got so mad at me yesterday and said mean things! What if that is the REAL him? God, I hope not.

Let him know that you’re concerned about the way he behaved with you and that he should be mindful of what he says and how he behaves. Giving him a piece of your mind should help and this is how you better understand and adjust with your other half, right?

8. Is he really the kind who would last with me till “death do us apart”? I mean, can we both go on right till the end?

Here’s hoping. You both love each other, after all. That’s the reason you decided to get married in the first place.

8 doubts you are bound to have about your fiance

9. If need be, will he stand up for me in front of his family?

There’s no way to know that beforehand, ladies. But having this doubt is no dealbreaker. We’ll deal with it when we need to.

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10. Does he snore? I’m such a light sleeper anyway!

*Fingers crossed* ;-)

10 doubts you are bound to have about your fiance

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