10 Things To Tell The Parlour Didi Before She Does Your Eyebrows

10 Things To Tell The Parlour Didi Before She Does Your Eyebrows
You brow game’s gotta be strong, come what may! Those fabulous arches have to be symmetrical, well defined and neat - that ladies, makes a world of difference to your entire look. So, to ensure that your eyebrows are on point at all times, and don’t look like caterpillars wandering off, you have to give your parlour lady some super important instructions before she starts off with your eyebrow threading or waxing. It’s all in her hands, we know, but these 10 instructions will help your case, we promise.

1. Sanitized hands please

1 eyebrow threading First and foremost, before the parlour lady does anything, sanitizing her hands is a must. Ladies, germ-laden hands on your face can play spoilsport for the skin, so this step is prime! Don’t be shy to request you parlour lady to clean up before the process begins.

2. Proper seating always

Although most parlours have proper seating stations with mirrors in front for threading or any other beauty service, ensure that you’re seated or lying down when getting your eyebrows done. If you’re sitting in a chair, you need to scoot down so your neck is resting on the top and you’re looking up. That’s the only way the angle is right for threading, and there is less room for mistakes that way.

3. Take a good look at your brows

3 eyebrow threading Patience is key here. Ask the parlour lady to not simply start off doing her job, and instead, take a good look at the condition of your eyebrows and decide how to go about threading/ waxing them. Sometimes the hair growth is different for both eyebrows and that needs to be given a careful look well in advance.

4. Communication is key

Be it that you have sensitive skin or that you weren’t entirely happy with the way this parlour lady handled your eyebrows the last time - make sure that you communicate all that is necessary to her beforehand. Whether you want to just clean up the shape or are keen to change it, it’s important to mention all of this to her before she starts.

5. Eyebrow pencils help

5 eyebrow threading If you feel that your eyebrow shape is a bit tricky and tough to get right, we have a hack for you. You could ask your parlour lady to use an eyebrow pencil and fill in those brows first. After this, she can remove the excess hair around the drawn out brows and thread according to this desired shape. This is among the most efficient ways of shaping your eyebrows ladies, we promise.

6. Pause when told

Let the parlour lady know that she should pause when you ask her to. This is because you know how sensitive your skin is and a harsh thread or hot wax can irritate it. While she may not realise when she needs to pause for a few seconds, you will know exactly when your eyebrows need a break. Let her know, ladies.

7. Stretch stress

7 eyebrow threading Be it threading or waxing those brows, stretching them out well is very important. This way there is no skin damage in the process. If you feel that stretching your brows and bearing that pain that comes with having each hair plucked isn’t a combination you can cope with, ask your parlour lady to call someone to help you with stretching them out fully. Remember, the more you stretch, the lesser the pain.

8. Trimming tricks

As much as threading/waxing your eyebrows and neatening them out to perfection is important, one equally crucial process that follows is trimming off that long hair near the center of your forehead. Tell your parlour lady to trim little by little, and have a look in the mirror each time she trims off a bit. Tell her to stop once you’re happy with the length of the hair there and then she can match and trim the other brow too. Remember not to get too carried away with the trimming though, it needs to look natural and youthful after all.

9. Cooling gel/cream fix

9 eyebrow threading Ask your parlour lady to keep handy some soothing, cold gel (aloe vera gel, for instance) or some cream that can be applied on your eyebrows immediately after threading/waxing them. This will reduce the redness in the area and will soothe the skin that’s been tampered with. The parlour lady should bring this along before she starts the process so that there is no delay in post-threading/waxing care.

10. Take your time

Doing something as tricky as eyebrows requires immense amount of time and patience. Let your parlour lady know that you’re in no rush, and that she should do your brows at a speed that works best for her. Internal Images: Shutterstock