10 Tips & Tricks To Make Your Eyebrows Look AMAZING!

10 Tips & Tricks To Make Your Eyebrows Look AMAZING!
Your brow game has got to be strong, ladies, come what may! Well-defined eyebrows can make a world of difference to your entire look, there’s no denying that. And because most of us crib about how the parlour lady spoilt their shape during the last threading session or how the hair there is just too scanty, we have come up with 10 extremely useful tips to get perfect eyebrows. With these, you’re sure to have the most shapely and awesome eyebrows ever!

1. Let them grow out

Patience is key! Plucking, threading or waxing your eyebrows too often will lead to problems like ingrown hair and you’re more likely to spoil their shape if you tamper with them too often. If you’re looking to rectify the shape and make sure they match, best is to wait it out, let them grow and then book your parlour appointment.

2. Figure out the best eyebrow shape for your face

2 tips to get perfect eyebrows This is a given - there are certain eyebrow shapes that go best with certain face shapes. For example, a full brow goes well with an oval face, a structured one with angled arches is perfect for a round face, and an accented arch will make a square face appear more narrow and less boxy. So ladies, be sure of the eyebrow shape you want and explain that to your parlour lady when she fixes your brows.

3. Pluck carefully

If you must pluck your eyebrows at home, first and foremost, do it in good lighting. Secondly, doing it right after a shower makes it easier to pull out the hair, since the follicle is slightly loose at the time. Another trick to get this right is to first fill in your brows with a pencil and then only tweeze out the hair that appears separately. These will ensure that the shape of your eyebrows is as per your liking and no excess hair is removed.

4. Soothe the area after threading/ tweezing

4 tips to get perfect eyebrows Be it a good massage with aloe vera gel or wiping the area with some astringent or rose water, cleaning the pores and regulating blood flow in the area will ensure that the skin around your eyebrows is taken care of. This will reduce any inflammation and redness that might appear after the hair removal process.

5. Regular oiling, please

Ladies, just like a good oil massage works wonders for your hair, same is the case with your eyebrows. Massage your brows with a drop of olive oil or coconut oil every night before going to bed. The massage and nutrients from the oil will promote hair growth there, which means awesome eyebrows!

6. Brow gels help

6 tips to get perfect eyebrows Those pesky hair strands that stick out of your eyebrows and ruin their shape are so annoying, aren’t they? This is exactly what a brow gel takes care of. With a clean mascara wand, apply some of the gel onto your brows - it’ll ensure that all the hair stays in place all day!

7. Eyebrow pencils are the bomb!

Filling in your brows makes them look symmetrical and oh-so-shapely! The key is to get yourself the right shade, and to fill them up with short, hair-like strokes in the direction the hair is growing.

8. Brow contouring, anyone?

8 tips to get perfect eyebrows Brow contouring is actually a thing! And it will make your eyebrows look fab! All you have to do is use a lighter shade to fill in the head of the brow, and then use a darker one to fill in the arch. Finish up by using a highlighter on your brow bone. This will accentuate the shape of your eyebrows and how!

9. Where it all starts

When trimming or threading your eyebrows, always keep this thumb rule in mind. The head - AKA where the brows begin on the inside of your forehead - should line up with your nostrils. The two being any further apart will look odd.

10. Foundation goes on the brows too!

10 tips to get perfect eyebrows Who said foundation and concealer in only for the rest of your face? If you want your eyebrows to stand out and look amazing, apply a generous layer of foundation on them before colouring them in. This will set a base for the brow colour and will ensure that the colour stays put all through the day. Internal Images: Shutterstock