Relationship 101: 7 Ways To Make The “Honeymoon Phase” Last! | POPxo
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Relationship 101: 7 Ways To Make The “Honeymoon Phase” Last!

Relationship 101: 7 Ways To Make The “Honeymoon Phase” Last!

It’s amazing how two people meet, connect and fall in love with each other. It’s a wonderful feeling - being in love and being able to share the feeling with someone else. However, after the initial few months of relationship bliss aka “the honeymoon phase”, things start getting a little real, unavoidable problems arise and the novelty of love could be lost. However, here are a few things you can do to keep your relationship fun and flirty even when the honeymoon phase is over.

1. Recreate dates and make new memories

Remember how things were so exciting when you had just started seeing each other? Wasn’t it wonderful getting to know each other and realising how amazing this other person in front of you was? Well, go on the same dates again. The same place, same time, same clothes. Reinvent that magic because in love, the magic is never lost, girls. 1 Be in the honeymoon phase

2. Take up new classes together

It could be anything - arts, music, sports, language, cooking - just about anything that you fancy. You will learn new things, and also get to spend time together in a different space. Also read: 9 Relationship Mistakes All Millennials Are Making!

3. Help each other realise a childhood dream

All of us grew up dreaming big and because we were so naive and innocent, we believed that anything and everything was achievable. And as we grew up, we realised that it wasn’t all that easy to do. So, go back to the past, to those forgotten dreams and work your way towards seeing them through. It may take forever, but together as a team, you guys are invincible!
3 Be in the honeymoon phase

4. Discover the joys of love making

And by this, we don’t just mean trying out new positions in bed and the kinky stuff. The internet has scores of things you can try and you could end up pleasantly surprised by all that you discover!

5. Travel with each other

There is so much to see, to discover and to fall in love with. Plan a trip together, have a blast and bring the magic back. 5 Be in the honeymoon phase

6. Plan surprises for each other

It doesn’t have to be something elaborate. Go to his office and take him out for a surprise lunch. Plan a treasure hunt. Give him a picture album with all your special moments put together. These simple gestures go a long way in showing how much you care for and love him. Also read: 10 Relationship Secrets To Learn From Long-Term Couples!

7. Laugh the fights off

After you’re done fighting with each other, take a deep breath, reason it out and laugh it off. There is nothing that laughter can’t cure.
7 Be in the honeymoon phase GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy
Published on Jul 24, 2016
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