All-Girls’ School To Co-Ed College? This One’s For YOU!

All-Girls’ School To Co-Ed College? This One’s For YOU!
You’re understandably a little nervous and excited, both. Going from an all-girls school to a co-ed college can be exciting, fun and nerve-racking! Here are 9 things you’ll totally get if you’ve gone from a same-sex school to a co-ed college.

1. You get a little tongue-tied around guys

Because all your life, you’ve considered them as alien-creatures you shouldn’t mingle with. And it’s a little difficult to let go of old habits!

1 all girls school to coed college

2. But you soon realize how much fun they can be

Because, let’s face it, it can get a little tiring to be around only girls all the time. And once you become comfy with male company, you begin to realize how much fun it actually can be to hang out with them. Sometimes it also means less of drama, as compared to when you spend all your time with girls.

3. You make an extra effort to look good

Because gone are the days when there was no possibility of you running into your crush in the hallway. Now, the cutie from your class is sitting right behind you and there’s no chance in hell of you showing up with unwaxed legs or in the tee you wore the previous night.

3 all girls school to coed college

4. You get over certain prejudices

Because now that you actually know some boys, you realize that not all of them re-wear the same pair of socks for days at end, and not every guy has his ego hurt when asking for directions to some place.

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5. Your parents become more chilled out

They’re coming to terms with the fact that you have guy friends, and that not every guy you bring home is your boyfriend.

5 all girls school to coed college

6. They also realize how helpful your guy friends can be

To the extent that they start insisting that you take your guy friends along with you if you’re going out because they think it’s a safer option.

7. Your old girlfriends look upon you as a potential boyfriend-resource now

Because you now have access to many guys, you’re suddenly inundated with requests from your school friends for introductions. “Uss cute ladke se milva do na” becomes a phrase you hear very often.

7 all girls school to coed college

8. You start dreaming of a college romance

So what if you (probably) never had a childhood sweetheart! You can still have your tryst with a college romance!

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9. And you begin to love every bit of college

You honestly can’t see yourself going back to an all-girls environment now!

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