#HeSays: 7 Things Guys Think About Girls But *Never* Tell Them!

#HeSays: 7 Things Guys Think About Girls But *Never* Tell Them!
We might not do the right things always. But we know when to keep our mouths shut - or, at least, in some cases, we do. So while we may think these things about you girls, we'll never openly admit that we do!

1. Your obsession with shopping is plain weird.

Um, how can you even go shopping if you have no idea what you need to buy?

2. You're kind of really, REALLY scary when you PMS.

We wish there was a board about you girls that said "Status: PSM-ing" because at least that way we're prepared for the onslaught.

2 things guys secretly think about girls

3. You're all similarly confusing!

We know you think you're different and unique. And you all are. But you all can be so confusing about the SAME exact things. Doesn't matter if we're talking about our mothers, sisters or girlfriends. You're all equally confusing.

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4. You're NOT right all the time.

We just let you think that you are. To keep you happy. And to keep us safe.

4 things guys secretly think about girls

5. You're too forgiving for your own good.

You get hurt by someone, and forgive them. Okay. Same person hurts you again, you again forgive them. Whaaaaat is going on?!

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6. When you gang up with your friends, you can be seriously intimidating.

Man, that group of five girls, talking about things that are obviously going over our heads and looking like no one else better come talk to them OR ELSE…

6 things guys secretly think about girls

7. ANYTHING can make you cry!

We understand you're emotional. But that puppy video? And that extremely idiotic movie? And meeting your friend after a month? Basically anything can make that switch go on, right?

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