Dear Boys, 9 Things We *Wish* You’d Understand About PMS!

Dear Boys, 9 Things We *Wish* You’d Understand About PMS!
As if PMS wasn’t enough to wreck our lives each month, we have the added burden of making guys understand what we actually go through! Read this article, boys and girls… Girls are sure to be like “Only if someone could make my boyfriend read this!” - while the guys, they’re just going to finally understand how we feel!

1. PMS does not equal to period

So PMS refers to premenstrual syndrome. It is what we girls experience before we actually get our period. So guys, PMS is a little about the mood swings and a little about the irritability and bloating - sort of like the eerie silence before a thunderstorm! :P

2. Mood swings are for real...

Dear guys, please accept and understand that mood swings are not a myth. Since acceptance is the key to happiness, fasten your seatbelts and be prepared to handle your girl when she is PMSing. It could look something like this, but don’t worry -

10:00 PM - Hungry

10:05 PM - Horny

10:15 PM - Angry

10:17 PM - Loving

And no, she is not using this as an excuse to go all crazy on you!

2 when girls are PMSing

3. Pamper her with everything sweet and nice

When a girl is PMSing, she can get crazy cravings at odd times - oh and chocolate really helps! So why not keep your chocolate supplies ready for that time of the month? Didn’t you you learn at school that being prepared always helps in disaster management?

4. Agree with her… Just agree!

Make this exception just for the days when she is PMSing. No matter what she says or asks, just go with it! Just save her the frustration of convincing you to ultimately agree with her.

4 when girls are PMSing

5. Don’t behave like you “totally get” how it feels!

Because you’re not actually going through the same thing, and she knows that! So don’t make the mistake of saying you totally get how it feels or “how bad could it really be?!”. Or worse, that you’ve actually been in more pain!

6. Don’t you dare crack PMS jokes!

Guys, this is a boundary you shouldn’t cross! PMS jokes are NOT funny, especially when someone is actually PMSing.

6 when girls are PMSing

7.  Quit asking “what’s wrong?”

While she may sound very snappy and irritable for no apparent reason, she does not hate you and nothing is “wrong”! It’s just that sometimes, her raging hormones and a bloated abdomen can get the best of her.

8. Her brain magnifies everything…

So when you tell her that you feel she’s being rather impatient, her mind reads it as “I hate you and I need a break because you’re rude AF.” Just bear in mind that she is not deliberately being rude or cranky. It’s just her hormones messing with her mind! Patiently deal with her outbursts and you shall be rewarded later (*wink wink*).

8 when girls are PMSing

9. She’s not lying when she says “I can’t help it”!

Fun Fact: she actually can’t control her PMS, or her mood swings or even her crazy midnight cravings. Why not quit trying to find a permanent logical solution to it? This is not a criminal investigation, it's her body! Just learn to deal with it.

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