Sunday Shorts: 3 Adorable Tales About Realizing “He’s The One!”

Sunday Shorts: 3 Adorable Tales About Realizing “He’s The One!”

1. In his touch

We were in his room, watching a FRIENDS re-run, and just like every other time, he was repeating dialogues and laughing like crazy.

I rolled over to his side of the bed, and gave him a big kiss.

"If that's what you want, I am ready..." He laughed and jumped on top of me to lather me with sloppier ones.

Soon our hands were moving quickly, undressing one another, and before I knew it, he was entering me. I looked up and saw his strong hands holding mine - firmly for support, and yet gently like he didn’t want to hurt me. And in that moment, in his touch, I felt all the love he had for me, and I knew that I had found the one I was looking for.

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2. Under the yellow streetlight

If I had a broken heart, he’d be my shoulder to cry on.

If I fell in love, he’d be my confidant.

Until the day I fell for him. Scared to lose a friendship to build a relationship, I wrote him an anonymous note to test waters. “Is there someone special in your life?” it asked.
That night he stood outside my house, under the yellow streetlight holding up a placard that said “Yes”.

He knew. And in that moment, I knew he was “the one”.

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3. Today and always...

I was trying so hard to keep myself from crying as he was leaving and I waved him goodbye at the airport. He had been my best friend through school and through college. But he was just that, right? Then why the sinking feeling? As if something was left incomplete.

With tear stained cheeks,I walked back to my favorite cafe and ordered my staple hazelnut cappuccino and blueberry muffin.

"Bill please," I said to the waiter.

He brought me a small cardboard folder, in which I assumed would be the bill. I opened it and found a note which said, "Hey beautiful, I always treat you to this coffee and muffin, don't I? Nothing has changed. I will, today and always"

My eyes welled up and I smiled. I knew at that moment that he is the one.

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