9 Amazing Perks Of An Arranged Marriage!

9 Amazing Perks Of An Arranged Marriage!
In case you were wondering about this, we’re here to set your doubts to rest: going the traditional way and marrying a guy of your parents choice can work out wonderfully for you! After all, who knows you better in the whole wide world than your own parents? Read on to find out some great perks of going for an arranged marriage…

1. Family vs husband: who loves you more?

An arranged marriage is organized by the families with the consent of the guy and girl. As a result, as the girl, you end up getting a lot of love from both the guy and his entire family. With all the pampering coming your way, you’ll actually wonder who loves you more...the in-laws or your husband!

1 going for an arranged marriage

2. The lure of the unknown

Unlike in a love marriage, you don’t tend not to know a lot of things about your guy. So every day is an exciting challenge as you both share different aspects and sides of yourself, making life full of surprises and shocks (just sometimes!) - and you never get bored.

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3. Ek ladki ko dekha toh aisa lagaa…

Going the old school traditional arranged marriage way has its own charm. You actually feel like it’s a story from the 1900s, where fondness blossoms beautifully into love slowly over time, with your eyes and gestures doing all the talking!

3 going for an arranged marriage

4. Finding balance

Arranged marriages teach you how to get to know each other and share more and more about yourself while finding a middle path where you both establish mutual understanding and find your happiness.

5. Discovering...yourself!

Arranged marriages are as much a process of self-discovery as they are about getting to know each other. It is through the compromises you make, the mutual likes and dislikes you discover, the habits you form that you realize many things about your own self - about what you are willing to accept and what you are not, what your own hard limits are.

5 going for an arranged marriage

6. Greater support system

Resolving tiffs and fights becomes easier as the whole family works to make your marriage work and acts as a constant support system. Sometimes, it is the people around us who can make all the difference by giving us reasons to not give up!

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7. Aaj kuchh toofani karte hai!

You involve yourself in stuff he likes to do, stuff you may have never thought of trying before - and he does the same. Road trips, playing his favourite sport or even something as simple as Xbox gaming nights could become part of your daily routine - even if you’d never done them before!

7 going for an arranged marriage

8. Deeper roots

While physical attraction may blossom instantly or come much later, what is worth remembering is that you start the relationship by getting to know each, nurturing a friendship that slowly matures into a lifelong partnership with very strong roots.

9. All the newness

Sharing your life with someone absolutely new makes life no less than a rollercoaster ride. Everything is new for you…his lifestyle, his family, his friends. So there is no room for a sense of complacency, you always want to know more, indulge more and you almost can’t get enough of each other!

9 going for an arranged marriage

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