#MyStory: Our Love Story Started At A Family Wedding!

#MyStory: Our Love Story Started At A Family Wedding!
I have been through a lot - from sexual harassment to being cheated on - so trusting someone wasn't at all easy for me...until I met him, in the midst of all that wedding chaos. It was my first cousin's wedding, and all those games, the late night dancing, the chattering aunties and friends - it was all so much fun. We were the ladke waale, so the masti and excitement of the baraat was at  a very high level. But I never knew that this wedding would change my life forever because I’d find my Mr Imperfect!

It was the sangeet when we first met. It was the typical nowadays kinda sangeet, where there was competition going on between the ladki waale and the ladke waale. Me being the tomboyish sort, I didn't indulge in any of the performances or acts and was enjoying everything from a distance and helping the DJ with the music. That's when I spotted him... He was the kind of guy every girl wishes for - tall, dark and handsome. He was clicking the pics of everyone with his DSLR and I thought he was the photographer for the wedding.

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After the performances got over, it was time for the families to come together to dance. I am one of those who has no clue about dancing to the beats, so I was doing the bhangra on every song and trying to copy a few moves from some cousins when I bumped into someone. I almost fell, but he held me. As I saw who it was, I was a bit taken aback - it was the camera guy. That's when it hit me, my sister-in-law had told me about a cousin who was a good photographer. "Hey, I am sorry, girl, are you hurt?" he asked apologetically. "Oh, that's okay, I am fine. Who are you, by the way?" "I am Kush, I am from the bride's side. You are Siddhi, right? Di told me about you," he shouted into my ears. I was  shocked to know he knew me. "Hi, Kush, nice to meet you!" And with that we both started dancing together like we knew each other from years. After the sangeet got over, we went our own separate ways. The rest of the functions for the bride and the groom were separate.

It was finally the baraat day and we all went to parlour to get ready. I was wearing a yellow and purple lehenga, which suited my dusky complexion perfectly. We danced like crazy the whole time and as we entered the venue we were welcomed by the bride's side and we pulled them to dance with us - the best part of the whole function! I was damn tired and was heading inside between all those excited aunties, cousins and friends of the bride and the groom as I admired the beautiful venue when I saw Mr Photographer. He was dressed in a purple sherwani and when he saw me he smiled at me. That made me go weak in the knees! I smiled back, but after that there were so much chaos that we all got busy and did not get the chance to talk.

internal - we met at a wedding

I didn't see him again until we were having our food. I headed towards the food counters and started munching on whatever I could get when I felt a tap on my shoulder. "Need any help with all that, madam?" It was Kesh. He pointed towards my plate, which was full of food. I am one hell of a foodie, and I felt embarrassed, but before I could respond he started eating from my plate! "Sorry, I was damn hungry and I spotted you with so much food, so I thought I should steal some from you," he said teasingly. I burst into laughter but wasted no time because he was eating so fast and I didn't wanted him to eat it all! Once we finished our food, we headed to mandap for the pheras. After the ceremony, we all changed our clothes and were having fun with the bride's cousins when I felt eyes on me... I caught Kush looking at me and I couldn't help but blush.

It was almost the end of the wedding and everyone was preparing for the vidai when I realized that I urgently needed to use the washroom. The guest house was huge and the washroom was far away. The rooms and corridors were almost deserted as everyone was on the other side, it was dark as well...and suddenly someone grabbed my hand and pulled me to a corner. I almost started shouting, but it was Kush, his hands crossed in front of him and a smile on his face.

"Darpok!" he said to me. "Arre, how can you expect me to not shout, you scared me like anything..." I said and fell silent. In that silence, I could hear my heart beating so fast. He came closer to me and held my hand. Then he moved closer and closer and, before my mind could even process what was happening, his lips were on mine. Within seconds he backed away and took my cell phone and saved his number on it. I was feeling too shy to do anything, and again he moved close me. But this time it was to whisper something: "My girl..." And with that we bid adieu to each other.

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We both live very far from each other. I am from Delhi and he lives in Bangalore. But still he manages to fly down every now and then. It’s been years now and my love and respect for him have only increased with time. We are engaged now and getting married at the end of this year!

* Names changed to protect privacy.

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