15 GIFs That *Perfectly* Describe A Long Distance Relationship! | POPxo
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15 GIFs That *Perfectly* Describe A Long Distance Relationship!

15 GIFs That *Perfectly* Describe A Long Distance Relationship!

While it is absolutely true that absence makes the heart grow fonder, it is also true that the very same absence can lead to a lot of frustration. But that doesn’t stop LDR couples from fighting all the odds and making it work. These are some gifs that perfectly describe a long distance relationship. 1. When you’re waiting for his call... 1 Long distance relationship gifs 2. When you finally make a plan to meet him... 2 Long distance relationship 3. When you’re super excited to tell him something but his phone is off... 3 Long distance relationship gifs 4. When he pisses you off but you can’t do anything about it... 4 Long distance relationship 5. When you see pictures of him getting a little too friendly with that girl... 5 Long distance relationship gifs Also read: You & Your Bestie: 16 GIFS To Perfectly Sum Up Your Awesomeness 6. When he comes to visit and you piss him off by doing something stupid... 6 Long distance relationship 7. When you have to cancel the plans you made to meet him... 7 Long distance relationship 8. When you finally make time to video chat but your computer acts up... 8 Long distance relationship 9. When he forgets to say good morning or goodnight... 9 Long distance relationship 10. When he surprise visits you... 10 Long distance relationship 11. When he sends you a surprise gift... 11 Long distance relationship 12. When you meet after so long and he looks different... 12 Long distance relationship Also read: 8 Things You *Can’t* Do Without In A Long Distance Relationship 13. When you’ve had a bad day but you can’t hug him... 13 long distance relationship 14. When you’ve mastered the art of sending nudes... 14 Long distance relationship 15. When you are sleepy but he wants to keep talking... 15 Long distance relationship GIFs: Giphy, Wifflegif, Gifsoup
Published on Jul 29, 2016
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