10 Ideas For An AMAZING “Couple Entry” At The Reception!

10 Ideas For An AMAZING “Couple Entry” At The Reception!
The wedding ceremonies are over and now it’s time for celebration! As the bride and groom are ready to make their first entrance as Mr & Mrs, it is essential to make their entry unforgettable and spectacular. Here are some ideas to give the couple an entrance as special as them and welcome the newlyweds!

1. Colourful confetti

Confetti works for both outdoor as well as indoor functions. Showering dried flower confetti in beautiful colours on the newlyweds will definitely make their day! You can even personalize the confetti with their initials to make the occasion even more special.

1 welcome the newlyweds

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2. Spotlight entrance

To make sure that all eyes are on the couple and on nobody else, use a spotlight to follow them as they enter the venue hand in hand. Make sure the venue goes dark with dim lights so that the couple can have all the attention and eyes on them.

3. Say it with bubbles

Give the couple a “bubbly welcome” by making all friends and family blow bubbles as the couple walks in!

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4. A sparkler welcome!

For the perfect pop of sparkle and glitz, use sparklers to provide a dramatic entrance to the bride and groom. Line up all friends and family holding sparklers and allow the newlyweds to walk down the aisle. Sparklers also give the photographer an opportunity to capture some memorable shots.

4 welcome the newlyweds

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5. Break into a fun sign

Get a poster made with words like “Just Married” or “Newlyweds” or something cute that would make the couple smile. Make the couple run into the poster and tear through it for a fascinating entrance. This idea is unconventional and new.

6. Sky lanterns

Let go of sky lanterns up in the sky as the couple makes their entry. The surreal effect created by the sky lanterns cannot be explained in words. It would be magical and set the perfect mood for celebration!

7. Nagadas and dhols

The most traditional and impactful entry for the couple is to walk down while there are nagadas and dhol playing. This sound is perfect to ring in the new chapter of their lives!

7 welcome the newlyweds

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8. Their favourite song

Use a song which the couple has their memories attached with and play it in the background as they walk in for their reception. This will definitely make the song even more special and memorable for them.

9. A pathway of candles

Make a pathway for the couple to walk through and line it with candles. You could also use diyas or paper lamps. It would look stunning and mesmerizing when the couple would walk through this pathway.

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10. Ribbons and streamers

Tie multi-coloured satin ribbon streamers to wooden sticks and wave them as the couple make their entry. It is indeed a beautiful sight!

10 welcome the newlyweds

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