15 Gorgeous Jewellery Boxes For The Bride To Be!

15 Gorgeous Jewellery Boxes For The Bride To Be!
As a bride building a stunning jewellery collection, there’s one thing you must not forget - a jewellery box that is as gorgeous as your beautiful pieces! And we make your life easier with this collection of absolutely beautiful jewellery boxes - you’ll want them all!

1. Shelled elegance

beautiful jewellery boxes 1

This shell and wood beautiful box is the perfect way to show the love your stunning jewellery deserves, don’t you think?

Price: Rs 3,439. Buy it here.

2. The pretty little dabba

beautiful jewellery boxes 2

Perfect for keeping your rings, studs and all those little baubles, this tiny box is just adorable.

Price: Rs 599. Buy it here

3. The beautiful inlaid case

beautiful jewellery boxes 3

What better way to store your favourite necklace and earrings set than this beautiful inlaid case? We’re in love!

Price: Rs 1,595. Buy it here.

4. The traditional sindook

beautiful jewellery boxes 4

A gorgeous carved wooden box to keep all your precious gold and gems safe!

Price: Rs 7,500. Buy it here.

5. Silver white elegance

beautiful jewellery boxes 5

This mirrored box is as beautiful as your jewels themselves! A classic pick for the bride.

Price: Rs 16,157. Buy it here.

6. Colour me happy

beautiful jewellery boxes 6

This beautiful box with the pull-out drawers is perfect for the bride who wants to add a dash of colour to her dressing table!

Price: Rs 3,248. Buy it here.

7. Sophisticated rose gold

beautiful jewellery boxes 7

Rose gold isn’t just for your watches - give your diamonds a beautiful home with this number.

Price: Rs 15,000. Buy it here.

8. The antique jewellery box

beautiful jewellery boxes 8

For the bride who likes things traditional… What better way to show off your gems even when you’re not wearing them than in this gorgeous Hyderabadi box?

Price: Rs 12,939. Buy it here.

9. The nested set

beautiful jewellery boxes 9

Lots of jewellery to store? Keep them all safe and together with this beautiful set of three boxes!

Price: Rs 4,399. Buy it here.

10. The delicate floral box

beautiful jewellery boxes 10

For the bride who likes all things pretty and pastel! The marble body and that mint and green floral pattern - we love!

Price: Rs 850. Buy it here.

11. Simple yet elegant

beautiful jewellery boxes 11

For the minimalist bride who wants nothing to distract from the beauty of her jewellery, this is the perfect pick!

Price: Rs 919. Buy it here.

12. The modern number

beautiful jewellery boxes 12

For the girl who likes all things contemporary… An amazing choice for your everyday pieces.

Price: Rs 671. Buy it here.

13. All colours of the rainbow

beautiful jewellery boxes 13

This multi-hued painted wooden box will be a beautiful addition to any dressing table! 

Price: Rs 10,350. Buy it here.

14. Print magic

beautiful jewellery boxes 14

Love all things printed? Then how can you resist this navy and blue jewellery box, we ask?

Price: Rs 2,190. Buy it here.

15. Panelled perfection

beautiful jewellery boxes 15

This white embossed box is both elegant and capacious - perfect for all your silver jewellery!

Price: Rs 14,801. Buy it here.

Featured image: Shutterstock