So You Think You're Ready To Get Married?! Tick All That Apply…

So You Think You're Ready To Get Married?! Tick All That Apply…
“Will you marry me?!” That's one question that doesn't have a difficult answer (so long as you are with the right guy) - but what about the questions you should be asking yourself along the way before finding yourself at the mandap?! We seem to get swept off our feet when it comes to the whirling winds of romance, so let's take a second to sit back, reflect and figure out whether we're actually ready to say YES!!

(Top tip: print this out and take it to your next slumber party or girls night)

Tick all that apply:

1.  My partner and I have a deep and meaningful connection.

2. The idea of standing at the mandap in my wedding outfit doesn't scare me.

3. My parents have met the boy and they accept him.

3 ready to get married

4. I imagine myself growing old with this person.

5. I have met his parents and other people from his family.

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6. I'm ready to take on new responsibilities and roles within his family

6 ready to get married

7. I'm good at balancing “me time” and “us time”.

8. I accept that my wedding might not look like my Pinterest board and that's okay!

9. Am I able to financially support myself? Is this something that is important to me?

9 ready to get married

10. I'm happy with my life as it is - but know that marriage would add something new...

11. I can cook/ budget appropriately and order takeout really well!

12. The idea of having two sets of parents actually seems kinda cool.

12 ready to get married

13. We've talked about the future: how many kids, working after marriage, living arrangements.

14. I've done a few things on my bucket list, so I won't feel like I'm missing out!

15. We've become good at resolving fights and picking our battles.

15 ready to get married

16. I don't complain about my partner to anyone who will listen!

17. I trust my partner unreservedly and know he feels the same way.

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18. He respects my point of view and listens to my advice, I do the same - we're in this together.

18 ready to get married

19. Unconditional love may actually be real - and I have found it in him!

20. I will stand alongside my partner through the good, the bad and the ugly - this one is for keeps!

20 ready to get married

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