7 Little Things EVERY Girl Has To Adjust To After The Shaadi!

7 Little Things EVERY Girl Has To Adjust To After The Shaadi!
Every girl dreams of a happily-ever-after. Little does she know that marriage brings with it a huge sea of change, and women tend to be the ones who have to adjust the most. Especially since the bride has to leave her house to stay with her husband and, oftentimes, with his family. No, it isn’t completely fair, but take comfort in the fact that every marriage requires some work...and adjustment and understanding is your contribution to it. If you’ve ever wondered what those alterations would be – here’s a sneak-peek of a few!

P.S.: No, you’re not alone - your husband too will be making similar adjustments alongside you!

1. The “I” takes a backseat

While singlehood can be all about I, me and myself – marriage revolves only around “us”. All your decisions, from which movie to watch or what food to order in or where to buy a house, will depend on the comfort of you both. Hmmm.

2. You’ll need to be tolerant

It’s true - you do have to cut down on things like snapping back when you’re annoyed. Patience is a virtue that will take you far. After all, you can’t break things off for little issues, na?

2 adjustments brides have to make

3. You have to become more responsible

Now that you are married, you can’t be dependent for stuff on mom and dad - neither can you think only about how a particular thing affects you alone. You’re accountable for your own stuff in life - from running errands to handling finances. Well, it’s a little bit like moving out on your own, but with more responsibilities including that of your husband's and his family members. Sigh!

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4. Your priorities change too

You’ll have to choose between watching movies with friends or attending a satsang at buaji’s place. Chances are…you’ll have to choose the latter. Uff.

4 adjustments brides have to make

5. Those carefree days are over

Those late night sessions with besties or packing off to the closest hill station to beat the heat or random long drives with colleagues to enjoy cutting chai in monsoon – well – you can’t be as carefree as you were before and again. All your plans now have to either include Mr Hubby or adapted according to what suits him as well!

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6. D is for...diplomacy

Given that everyone in your new family is paying quite a bit of attention to you - you now have to keep their interests and intellectual wavelengths in mind. While you must never do so at the risk of losing your own mind – be nice anyway. Think before you speak, and use your discretion to be a bit more...diplomatic if you don’t agree with someone else’s opinion. Use charm - not argument - to win them over!  

7. You kinda have to change your habits too

Especially, food. Trust me, it can be annoying. Every family has different tastes and eating patterns and times. Adapting to theirs can be a challenging task. It takes lot of patience, but you’ll get there, honey!

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