9 Emotions EVERY Bride & Groom Feels On Their Wedding Day!

9 Emotions EVERY Bride & Groom Feels On Their Wedding Day!
You’ve been waiting for your wedding day for months now. All those months of planning; of hundreds of micro decisions; of dealing with parents, extended meeting with family and wedding planner; and the hundreds of hours of shopping finally come together on this day. So to all the couples getting married, we’re sure you’ll go through all these emotions on your wedding day:

1. Today is the day!

I’m getting married! It’s my wedding day. I’ll be married by tomorrow. OMG, OMG,OMG!

1 emotions on your wedding day

2. It feels a bit unreal

All those months of taking decisions and going shopping - it’s all coming together today. Not only that, the entire clan has come down for my shaadi?!

3. Ma, please don’t make me cry!

I wish all those relatives and my parents were a little less emotional today. I think I’m catching feelings from them. *sniff*

4. It’s a bit overwhelming, honestly

A wedding is a massive family production and it’s all for me?! Also, running from one ritual to another, you suddenly find yourself at the mandap and find yourself thinking, “Is it time for the pheras already?”

4 emotions on your wedding day

5. Is everything going ok?

“I hope the decor is how it was promised by the planner. Is the car-o-bar functional? I hope everything is going to be OK. Where has dad disappeared?” - These and 500 other thoughts will run through your head on D-day.


6. Everybody loves… you!

So many hugs, so many chummis, so many blessings - you’ve never felt so blessed and loved in your life. Your entire clan is here to see you get married, and there’s so much joy in the air. No wonder you’re tearing up!

7. You want Gatorade shots

How can this day be so long! My cheeks hurt from smiling TBH. And don’t even ask about my legs, they went numb two hours ago.

7 emotions on your wedding day

8. I don’t know what I’m doing any more

I’m so tired, the fire is so hot, I can’t understand why the panditji is asking so many questions. I just want to get out of these clothes, and crash face-first into bed. Is this what it means to be a zombie?

9. What’s life going to be like now?

Oh look, we got married! Why is there no handbook for newly married people? I have so many questions about this new phase of my life, beginning with the suhaag raat!

Take a deep breath and enjoy your day. And congratulations!

10 emotions on your wedding day

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