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10 Reasons Why Shopping Is Better Than A Boyfriend!

10 Reasons Why Shopping Is Better Than A Boyfriend!

Casual dating has become very common and is easy to achieve with so many dating apps that have surfaced. Although it’s fun to go out on dates, I’m sure you’ll agree with us when we say that it’s more fun to go out shopping! Don’t believe us? Well, here are 10 reasons why shopping is WAY better than dating…

1. No obligations

When you step into a store, look around, decide you don’t like what you see and move to the next store, the first store is not going to persistently text you about feeling betrayed! Just because you shopped at a store once doesn’t mean you’re obligated to go back to it. #TrueStory 1 why-shopping-is-better-than-dating

2. You can shop all day

You can spend the entire day shopping, going from store to store and no one will judge you. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to go on multiple dates on the same day without being labelled!

3. There are so many choices

There are so many cool stores you can shop from, like United Colors Of Benetton. They’re easy to come across and they definitely have a lot of great things to offer. But when it comes to men, you have a type, and more often than not, that type is rare. 3.inside why-shopping-is-better-than-dating

4. No chance of arguments

Clothes are never mean and will never start an argument with you when you’re in the middle of a crowded store. They only ‘complement’ you ;)

5. Third wheel

Third wheel, fourth wheel, any number of wheels are welcome when you shop. You can go shopping with all your besties and have the greatest time ever without hearing any snide comments about how it was meant to be only you and the clothes! 5 why-shopping-is-better-than-dating

6. No heart breaks

You never have to be emotionally drained, worrying about being cheated on by your clothes. They may go out with your bestie sometimes, but you know that they’re true to you and will come back home!

7.  No words needed

There’s no need for awkward introductions and conversations when you shop. It’s mostly love at first sight! You make eye contact with a gorgeous shirt dress and you both know that it’s meant to be. 7.inside why-shopping-is-better-than-dating

8. No family issues

There is no family drama involved when you shop. You don’t have to sneak out at odd times or make excuses about going out shopping with a girl friend. And the best part is - you can bring your shopping bags home without giving your parents a heart attack (unless the bill is really huge!).

9. Never bored

Unlike dating, shopping is never boring. There’re so many amazing stores you can go to, like the UCB store and shop all day long! Never a dull moment at all. 9 why-shopping-is-better-than-dating

10. No unwanted drama

There is no unnecessary drama involved when you shop. No store that you go to will ever pressure you into being committed to them and them only! Shopping’s cool like that… ;) * This is a sponsored post for UCB.
Published on Jun 6, 2016
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