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11 Slightly Weird Things Every Couple Does In The Bedroom!

11 Slightly Weird Things Every Couple Does In The Bedroom!
When you’re in love with another person, you are in love with their weirdness too. And when you two are together, in the privacy of your room, you do silly things together. Here are 11 things ALL couples do in bed. Come on now, don’t you try disagreeing!

1. They kiss and bite each other on their nose, arms and um, other sensitive areas.

No, not to make them squeal in pleasure, but simply to annoy one another.

2. They dance naked and pull off the worst moves ever, till their partner is in splits.

Because, seriously, who else can you try those moves on?

2 Weird things couples do

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3. They inspect each others’ body, and venture into the darkest, deepest corners…

And pluck/squish/treat stuff they find there. It’s not gross, it’s love. True love.

4. They start humming, singing, and then all of a sudden, dancing and jumping together on the bed, when their fav songs starts playing...

‘Coz bed dance is the best couple dance, ever!

4 Weird things couples do

5. They walk around wearing just the bedsheet, and fake-seduce each other.

Repeat pulling off weird, not-sexy, crazy moves on each other and crying out laughing.

6. They don't bother locking the bathroom door when they’re using it…

Or, they sometimes even use it together. *nothing can come between us*

6 Weird things couples do

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7. They mock everything the other says, word for word, tone for tone…

For that same relentless purpose - to annoy the other!

8. They wear each others’ clothes...

Come on, this one is genuine fun. I mean, if girls look sexy in their boys’ baggy shirts, then men look, um cute in the ladies skirts, urr, or not. Whatever, it’s fun both ways!

8 Weird things couples do

9. They take pictures of their partner sleeping and drooling all over the pillow…

And threaten to upload them for the world’s pleasure. But they never really do, unless you make your partner like, super mad.

10. They get into hyper cuddling mode…

Where they just want to sleep inside the others body!

10 Weird things couples do

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11. They stalk people on FB collectively...

And hate the same people. #Bonding

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