Photoshoot with besties

A Shoot With Your BFFs - The CUTEST Wedding Trend!

POPxo Team

POPxo Team

Pre-wedding shoots starring cute couples are becoming the norm these days, but brides-to-be, how about sparing some love for your super-beloved besties? In the midst of all the crazy planning and heart palpitations at the thought of a brand new life, it can be easy to take your gang for granted. After all, they are the ones you fall back on when the multiple make-up sessions have drained you out, and when another second of outfit scouting will kill you; the ones who know all your moods, and the ones who will continue to support you long after the big day is past.

Taking a day out to spend with your girls can be both a much needed respite and a great way to reconnect and celebrate a new adventure! Here are 5 ways you can have a great pre-wedding shoot with your friends:

1. Get coordinating outfits made

1 Photoshoot with besties

A single colour makes for great photos while also letting your friends’ unique personalities stand out.

Image: Morvi.Images

2. Get special t-shirts printed

2 Photoshoot with besties


Image: Morvi.Images

3. Use props

3 Photoshoot with besties

The easiest way to create fun memories!

Image: Morvi.Images

BannerPink 500px

4. Act goofy

4 Photoshoot with besties

Unlike the 'propah’ wedding photographs, you are not obliged to be all prim and proper with your besties. Go wild!

Image: Morvi.Images

5. Be All-Out Glamorous

Photoshoot with besties 5

Or on the other hand, channel your inner divas and click some photographs that could belong in a magazine.

Image: Cool Bluez Photography on Instagram

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Published on Jun 02, 2016
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