These 3 Tips Will Help Increase Hair Volume In No Time!

These 3 Tips Will Help Increase Hair Volume In No Time!
Are you sick and tired of dealing with limp and dry hair? If that’s the case, we have a solution for you! Here are a few amazing life-changing hacks that will not only instantly increase hair volume, but also make you look like you’ve just stepped out of a salon. Get bouncy hair with these tips now! Check it out! 

What you will need: Blow dryer, hair brushes, bobby pins, hair ties and velcro rolls. 

Difficulty Level: Easier than eating ice-cream from a cone.

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Hack 1: Top Bun

Step 1:  Make sure that your strands are slightly damp and pull it up to make a top bun. 

Step 2: Once that’s done, blow dry the bun for a minute or less. 

Step 3: After 5 minutes, open it up to get that natural bounce.

Hack 2: Teasing Brush Hack to increase hair volume

Step 1: Blow dry your hair upside down. 

Step 2: Now, tease the crown section of your hair. 

Step 3:  Gently comb your hair using a tiny comb in the opposite direction.

Hack 3: Velcro Rolls Hack

Step 1: Take the top section of your hair starting from the arch of your eyebrows. 

Step 2: Use a roll-on brush and blow dry the section. 

Step 3: Roll the top section of your hair using a velcro roll and pin it up using a bobby pin

Step 4: After 5 mins, remove the velcro and get bouncy hair in a jiffy!