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10 Kinds Of Dancers You’ll Meet At EVERY Sangeet!

10 Kinds Of Dancers You’ll Meet At EVERY Sangeet!
Each shaadi has it’s own mixed breed of dancers. Laugh at them, get annoyed by them or copy them – they are the ones who made your sangeet the most memorable, right?!

1. The Bollywood Brigade

They know every step just the way it’s actually shown in the movie. In this case, Radha isn’t on the dance floor, she’s starring in her own movie as a lead.
1 dancers at a wedding

2. The Watch Me Now Crew

That dancer or bunch of dancers who expect you to clear the dance floor because it’s their turn to perform. Except, it’s not. It’s someone’s wedding and the dance floor is currently open to all, so could you please turn the showmanship down?!

3. The ‘Come Hither’ Dancer

That girl who coyly dances and makes eyes at all the cute boys on the dance floor. She thinks this is a stellar move – except, everyone knows it’s a flirting technique. Consider this a public service announcement if that girl is you.

3 dancers at a wedding

4. The Drunk Dancer

We all know the kind: sloppy moves, tempo faster than the DJ’s beats, dancing with everyone in sight. Your wedding video will be filled with ‘moments’ from this person.

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5. That Clueless Dancer

This person doesn’t know the words to the songs or any steps but they are out to have a good time. Which is actually kind of nice, that’s the way it should be.

5 dancers at a wedding

6. The Much In Love Dancers

Every wedding has this one couple who are joined at the hip. Maybe they are newlyweds, maybe they are old timers – but their signature move is dancing together. These two are so loved up they are probably slow dancing to DJ Wale Babu. Ah well, it’s sweet. :)

7. The Singer Dancer

This person is the best. Just standing there, in the middle of the dance floor, singing all the lyrics. Not dancing, mind you. Just singing.

7 dancers at a wedding

8. The Train Maker

This person’s idea of dancing is very inclusive – more like let’s all do this together. So they make a train. Which is fine, except – the DJ just played Chul; no one wants to make that damn train right now! Sorry?

9. The Retro Dancer

Not only are this person’s moves retro to begin with but you can see how they’ve come alive when the DJ played Jumma Chumma. Living for the 90s? We hear ya!

9 dancers at a wedding

10. The Glam Squad

The girl gang (bride’s friends or cousins) who hang in a group and go crazy on the dance floor together. These girls are the glam squad of the wedding. They know all eyes are on them and are enjoying the attention, one sexy thumka at a time. Oh, and do not miss those choreographed moves when Baby Doll plays!

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