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7 Things You’ll ONLY Get If Your Guy Has A Beard!

7 Things You’ll ONLY Get If Your Guy Has A Beard!
This is an undeniable fact - any man on earth looks better with a beard than without one. It makes guys look rugged and rather sexy. It adds wisdom and age to their faces and makes us drool over them. If you are dating a guy who has a beard then you will probably relate to all of these things!

1. You think he is the sexiest guy on the planet

Of course there is Tom Hardy and Arjun Rampal but they pose no competition to your guy because no one can rock that beard quite like he can. *Insert dreamy sigh*

1 Dating a bearded guy

2. His beard gets you feeling naughty

Even in the middle of the day and in rather public settings, him gently stroking his beard absent-mindedly, turns you on and brings about a million dirty thoughts into your head.

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3. He looks older

Which is a good thing because women who have boyfriends without a beard, often complain that many people just assume that they are hanging out with their younger cousin brothers. Ouch! Now that’s one confusion we would all like to avoid (at all costs!), yes?

3 Dating a bearded guy

4. You enjoy the trip to the barber

Mostly because the barber trims your guy’s beard with so much precision. He takes his work rather seriously and it’s such a joy to watch someone do their job with so much mastery. Plus, it's another excuse to just shamelessly stare at your boyfriend.

5. You wish he will never shave

His folks will ask him to, repeatedly and so will his boss but you hope against hope that he won’t shave. He looks like a completely different person when/if he does and you get rather uncomfortable around his new facial identity.

5 Dating a bearded guy

6. You love it when he tickles you with it

All he has to do is run his fuzzy beard over your shoulders or your cheeks or whatever part of your body… It’s so ticklish but it’s an adorable kind of ticklish.

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7. His beard is a part of who he is

You feel like his beard gives him character and is an integral part of his personality. He would be incomplete without it… But it's not like you would love him any less if he did shave. <3

7 Dating a bearded guy

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