#HeSays: 7 Things We Wish Our Girlfriends Would Be Honest About!

#HeSays: 7 Things We Wish Our Girlfriends Would Be Honest About!
Honesty is the base of every relationship, right? Or, at least, that's what you ladies keep telling us… But see, here's the thing - we don't always see you practicing what you preach! Here are a few things we wish you were completely honest about…

1. What you want to eat

How difficult is this really? You want pizza? Just say that instead of saying no to everything else before it's the only option left!

2. What you are feeling

Saying you're fine when you're clearly not kind of sucks for the both of us. While we know that you're seriously bothered about something, we can't do anything to help because you just won't share your worries.

2 things women should be honest about

3. What you want for your birthday

Oh, come on! Have a little sympathy for us and just throw us a bone here?

4. What you really think about our friends (especially the girls)

It's okay if you're being fake-nice to them, but don't fake it in front of us please!

4 things women should be honest about

5. What you like in bed

While we wish we could read your minds, we obviously can't. So help us out a bit and be more vocal about what you like and don't like in bed? We'll be really grateful for it.

6. What you really think about your exes

We know it ended and you're with us instead of them for a reason. But you don't need to undermine the whole relationship to spare our feelings. Let us know the good and not just the bad. We'll live, we swear.

6 things women should be honest about

7. What you would like us to apologize for

You're mad. We see that you're mad. But what are you mad about? Just letting us in on this can save both of us a lot of grief, you know. Because even when we do say sorry and you ask "About what?", we need to be ready with the correct answer - or else...

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