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Shaadi Ki Date Fixed? 9 Things You Need To Start Doing ASAP!

Shaadi Ki Date Fixed? 9 Things You Need To Start Doing ASAP!
Now we all know just how humongous a task wedding planning is. After all, there is just so many things to take care of. But tiny steps at the right time can really really help you out later. So take our advice and don’t waste a minute! Here are 9 things you need to get started with as soon as the shaadi ki date is fixed.

1. Lock down the venue

Now this is the very first step that you along with your family should take. Wedding venues often get booked way in advance and we don’t want you to hear that your dream venue is unavailable. Start the search and even if you are confused between two, just lock them down verbally over the phone.

wedding date is fixed

2. Start saving!

Start your little piggy bank, cut down on unnecessary expenditure or just about remove that daily Starbucks coffee from your routine. While your parents are there to take care of the bigger expenses, you would have a couple of unexpected expenditures of your own. It's better to start saving early!

3. Get your passport in place

Didn’t think about that, did you?! Well, you’ve got to make sure that your passport is not nearing expiry and if it is, please get it renewed. It’s a long process that takes time and you sure don’t want any troubles with the much awaited honeymoon!

wedding date is fixed

4. Watch that slice of cake!

Getting in shape takes time, girl. You may think you’ll start tomorrow or two months before the wedding. But truth is that nearer to the date, you’ll be stressed out emotionally and physically with all the planning. You may not even find time to exercise! It’s best to put your body into motion - NOW!


5. For those pretty pictures

The good photographers always get booked a lot earlier. In fact, a lot of times they are pre-booked for almost a year ahead. So once the date is fixed, immediately start looking through galleries of wedding photographers, schedule meetings and book your favourite one!

wedding date is fixed

6. WhatsApp to the rescue!

Create a family WhatsApp group ASAP! And one that focuses only on the wedding and not the early morning “good morning” messages! It just makes sharing ideas easier, the planning process becomes smoother and, trust us, no one’s better than your cousins in coming up with kickass ideas!  

7. For that flawless skin

This too takes a lot of time and special care. Work towards achieving that flawless and glowing skin. Start out with your nani ma ke nuskhe, monthly facials and a vitamin-rich diet. Never miss out on your skin care regime and by D-day, you’ll see the fabulous results!

wedding date is fixed

8. Pinterest board anyone?!

I created my wedding board on Pinterest as soon as the date was fixed! It’s such a convenient thing. All your favourite things in one place. Like a lehenga design or a decor element? Just keep pinning them!

9. Start your market survey

Last but not the least, don’t waste any time at all in starting your market survey. The sooner you start, the better it is because you don’t want to feel hassled later. Start by visiting one market at a time, get a hang of the trends, the price points, what you like, what you don’t and then when the time is right, start the buying!

wedding date is fixed

And oh, just do not stress out! A spa session once in a while is a must. :)

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